10W full color RGB laser light for DJ

10W full color RGB laser light for DJ

by Newfeel Ho on Apr 19, 2022

Today, I will introduce our product to you to satisfy your curiosity. First of all, our core component is the laser. Our core component in the laser lights is the laser. Our laser can be opened for everyone to see.

The wavelength of green light is 525nm and the power is 3W.

The wavelength of red light is 638nm, the power is 3W.

The wavelength of blue light is 450nm and the power is 4W.

10W full color RGB laser light for DJ
The laser is a one-piece structure, and the entire laser is carved out of a piece of aluminum profile, with good heat dissipation, no polarization, and no light splitting. The refrigerating sheet is controlled by constant temperature, and the entire periphery is sealed with silicone sealing tape, which can be 100% soaked in water without any problem.

The total power of our laser lights is ten watts.

The structure of our laser is engraved from a piece of aluminum profile. When many colleagues in the market are doing it, they use different aluminum blocks and bind them with screws. So what are its shortcomings? Woolen cloth? That is, its cost will be much higher. What we do is a one-piece structure, and the whole of our lasers uses Nichia's die. What are the benefits of a structure made of a single piece of aluminum profile? The first is that it does not deform; the second is that it has good heat dissipation, it does not polarize light, has good light synthesis, and has good stability. In addition, we use constant temperature heat dissipation control below.
10W full color RGB laser light for DJ

Let's talk about our galvanometer part.

We use 30K high-speed galvanometer for sedation, and the animation patterns and line patterns that can be printed are relatively smooth and smooth.
10W full color RGB laser light for DJ

Our control part is the display screen, which adopts a one-button design:

1. SD card control, SD card can store a large number of patterns, in addition to more than 200 program patterns in the SD card, you can also use the I show software in the SD card to edit your own favorite patterns.
2. Our DMX512 interface can be automatically recognized and can be connected with the tiger console pearl console.
3. The computer interface can be used for identification, as long as the X software, this software function can be automatically identified and automatically activated, then the computer interface can be used to plug in the American pangolin software and the German fire phoenix software for control.
10W full color RGB laser light for DJ

Then let's talk about the structural part of our chassis.

As we all know, high-power chassis heat dissipation is very important. Our second-generation radiator adopts cast aluminum radiator and cast aluminum radiator. Its disadvantage is the weight comparison. It is heavy, and its cooling effect is not very good. And we are now using the third-generation radiator. Our third-generation radiator is a specially customized plug-in radiator. The advantages of this radiator are that it has a large heat dissipation area, high density of heat sinks, and weight Lightweight, our entire surface is very smooth, and the third-generation heatsink dissipates four times as much heat as the second-generation heatsink.
10W full color RGB laser light for DJ
Our entire chassis adopts 5.0 photoelectric separation technology, and the upper and lower layers are divided into two layers. The upper layer is completely sealed by the optical path. Our entire gap and the upper cover part are made of silicone strips. It is completely sealed. We all know that in entertainment places, we are using fog machines now. The effect of fog machines is good, but it contains oil. We will consider that some gaps may enter the e-liquid, so Use this complete seal to design the outer case, which can perfectly prevent the entry of e-liquid. Generally, the machine may have been contaminated by e-liquid for two to three months, and it may need to be disassembled for cleaning. Then we are completely sealed. When cleaning the chassis, you only need to wipe the lens with a rag or alcohol cotton ball, and it is very convenient to maintain.
10W full color RGB laser light for DJ
After large-scale procurement and production, we sum up our experience to develop an explosive laser lights product to give back to our customers