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How to Design Lasers Lights for Bar

by Newfeel Ho on Jun 12, 2022

Professional bar lasers lights design can help the bar scene to achieve a romantic, mysterious, elegant, and atmosphere, creating a feasting effect. Stage lights design is very important for bars, and designing bar laser lights is not an easy task. It takes many tedious steps, strict calculations, and measurements to finally design bar lasers lights that fit the theme. And what are the key points that need to be paid attention to in the lighting design of bar lasers lights?

1.Measuring site data

At the beginning of the bar laser projector design, measuring the venue is one of the essential links. Stage lights designers need to visit the bar site, measure the size and local size of the entire venue, and record the details in the bar one by one, such as the color and material of the ceiling, walls, and ground. Confirm on the spot. Only with adequate preparation can your bar lasers lights bloom in different colors.
Design Lasers Lights for Bar

2. Set a strategy

After reading the bar venue, the next step is to enter the bar laser lighting design stage. Generally, the lighting designer will finally determine the lighting scheme of each bar according to the theme of the bar. These Stage lights schemes will include the creation of the overall atmosphere of the bar scene, the lighting design of the main stage area, the lighting design of the customer area, and the Stage lights design of the peripheral layout of the bar, etc. Each unique design embodies the designer's ingenuity.
Design Lasers Lights for Bar

3. Secondary creation

Finally, the specific implementation of the bar lasers lights will be completed when the bar is renovated. On-site lighting designers should adjust their work progress and plans in a timely manner according to the bar stage, bar decoration style, and other details of the bar. This requires designers to have a good ability to adapt to the situation. Of course, this is also the second creation of the bar lasers lights designer on the spot.
In the process of designing bar lasers lights, we must firmly grasp the above three key links. Reputable bar lasers lights designers will also choose suitable lighting equipment according to different needs, and determine the lighting layout according to the design plan, etc. Incorporate a unique design. Different locations are treated differently, and attentive service allows bar laser lights to decorate every corner, making every detail of your bar a unique charm.
Design Lasers Lights for Bar

Light source classification of bar lasers lights

What is the tone and atmosphere of the bar lasers lights design, in some cases the only goal is to see one or several objects clearly, but usually this is not the case, the actual goal is quite complicated. Professional bar lasers lights help to express an emotion, or guide customers' eyes to a specific location, which can provide greater depth to the scene and reveal rich layers. The number and type of light sources and their individual properties will vary from scene to scene, however, bar lasers have three basic types of light sources: key, fill, and background, which work together in harmony.
Design Lasers Lights for Bar

1. Key stage lights

If the bar lasers lights is in a scene, its main light source is usually called the key light. The key light doesn't have to be just a light source, but it must be the main light source for lighting. Likewise, the key stage lights in a bar laser is not necessarily fixed in one place like a point light source. It can be distributed in multiple important locations, such as above the bar, on both sides of the corridor, etc.

2. Supplementary stage lights

The fill light in the bar lasers lights is used to fill in the dark and shadowy areas of the scene. Key lights are the most noticeable light sources in a scene, but fill light rays can provide depth of field and a realistic feel. The more important supplemental light comes from natural diffuse reflection, and this type of light in bar lasers is often referred to as ambient light. This type of lasers lights is important in part because it increases the brightness of the entire scene.

3. Background stage lights

The background light in bar lasers often acts as a "rim light" that separates the target object from the background by illuminating the edges of the object. Often placed directly opposite the three-quarter key light, it works on the edges of objects, causing small specular highlights. Many bars have small stages for resident singers to perform, and if the model in the 3D scene consists of many small rounded edges, this highlight may add to the believable of the scene.
One of the important reasons why everyone is willing to go to bars for entertainment is that they like the ambient atmosphere brought by bar laser lights. Bars and other places are inseparable from the lighting effects of bar laser lights. It can be said that without the above three main types of light sources, there would be no more gorgeousness. stage charm. For a bar, it is particularly important to do a good job of lighting design. Bars with relevant needs can refer to the latest market quotations of bar lasers lights to choose the appropriate scheme and lighting effect.