Unveiling the Science Behind the stone mountain laser show

Unveiling the Science Behind the stone mountain laser show

by Newfeel Ho on Jan 08, 2024

The Stone Mountain Laser show, initiated in 1983, has transcended beyond mere mountain patterns. As the sun sets, Stone Mountain comes to life, illuminated by its renowned laser light attraction. In this exploration, we delve into the scientific intricacies that bring this mesmerizing show to fruition.

Evolution of the Show

Originally conceived as a venture to project abstract images on the mountain, the show has evolved into a captivating spectacle for audiences. Paul Creasy, the mind behind the show, emphasized the goal of delivering an unparalleled experience, making it a unique and unforgettable event.

The Largest Projection Screen in the U.S.

A distinguishing feature of the show is its colossal projection screen, measuring an impressive 400 feet by 400 feet โ€” roughly equivalent to a 6,800-inch television screen, making it the largest of its kind in the United States.

Behind the Scenes: How It Works

Customization lies at the core of the Stone Mountain Lasershow. Creasy explained the process, highlighting techniques such as 3D mapping. This involves creating a virtual skin of the mountain, allowing manipulation to showcase various visual elements. The challenge arises from the carving's 50-foot depth variation, demanding precision in laser projection.

Laser Precision

To achieve this precision, three high-powered laser lights collaborate to produce images. Each image is meticulously constructed with over 1,000 dots, forming a dot-to-dot drawing. Despite the appearance of flatness, the carving's depth requires precision to maintain visual integrity.

The Art of Fast-Paced Laser Drawing

Creasy aptly described the laser as a virtual pencil outlining shapes on the mountain. This rapid outlining, thanks to the persistence of vision, creates the illusion of a solid image. The system traces an astonishing 30,000 points per second, ensuring a seamless and vivid display.

A Symphony of Sensations

The visual extravaganza is complemented by an 80-foot water geyser, a 100-foot mega-flame cannon, fireworks, 20 GPS-operated drones, and an immersive 92,000 watts of sound. The synergy of these elements culminates in a truly spectacular experience that captivates the senses.
In conclusion, the Stone Mountain Lasershow stands not just as a show but as a testament to the fusion of technology, artistry, and precision, creating an unparalleled spectacle that continues to awe audiences since its inception in 1983.