Double-Headed R/G/B Laser Sword Portable Laser lights lightsaber For DJ Laser Man Show
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Laser Sword
Laser Sword
Laser Sword
Laser Sword
Laser Sword

Double-Headed R/G/B Laser Sword Portable Laser lights lightsaber For DJ Laser Man Show

  • Compact Design: Light column dimensions 1532653mm, perfect for portability and fitting into any laser light projector setup.
  • Tri-Color Output: 532nm green, 650nm red, and 450nm blue laser lights, ideal for creating vibrant light displays.
  • Adjustable Power: Single-end light output power ranges from 50 to 200mw, suitable for various uses including party lighting lasers and animation laser light effects.
  • Energy Efficient: Operates at <800mA, with a working temperature of -20℃~50℃, making it a reliable moving head laser light.
  • Durable: Service life exceeds 7000 hours, with an aluminum body for durability, ensuring your Laser Sword performs consistently.
  • Quick Recharge: Fully charges in just 2 hours, perfect for quick turnaround times during events.
  • User-Friendly: Three buttons for easy control; side buttons for individual lasers, middle button for dual laser, offering flexibility for laser disco ball effects.
  • Safety First: Avoid direct eye contact; keep away from children to ensure safe usage of your lightsaber.
  • Convenient Package: Includes a green laser, charger plug, and anti-fall package for protection, making it an excellent addition to any party lighting setup.
Model: NF-G050B(50mW/532nm)*2
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Item No. NF-G050B
Laser color Green
Start type button
Colour Black
Material Aluminum
Powerful and Durable DH Series Laser Sword
Output wavelength 532nm green/650nm red/450nm blue
Single-end light output power 50-200mw
Working current less than 800mA
Working temperature -20℃~50℃
Storage temperature -40℃~80℃
Service life more than 7000 hours
Laser color Green
Dimensions 145*50mm
Output wavelength 532nm
Single head power 100mw
Spot diameter about 8mm
Charging time 2 hours
Material Aluminum
Colour Black
Start type button
Usage 3 buttons (both sides control laser switch on both sides, middle control double laser switch) Caution
Light column 153*26*53mm
Packing List 1 x Green laser 1 x Charger plug 1 x Anti-fall package
What is the DH Series Laser Sword suitable for?
The DH Series Laser Sword is ideal for various applications, including use as a laser light projector, animation laser light, and moving head laser light. It is perfect for creating vibrant and dynamic laser lights at parties, events, and even as a lightsaber for themed gatherings.
How do I control the different laser lights on the DH Series Laser Sword?
The Laser Sword features three buttons for easy control. The side buttons control the laser switches on either side, while the middle button controls the dual laser switch. This design allows for flexible use, whether you need individual laser effects or a combined light display, making it suitable for party lighting lasers and laser disco ball effects.
What are the safety precautions I should take when using the DH Series Laser Sword?
Safety is paramount when using the Laser Sword. Avoid direct eye contact with the laser to prevent eye injury. Additionally, keep the device out of reach of children. The powerful beam should not be looked at directly for extended periods. Always store the laser in a dry environment to maintain its performance and longevity.
What is included in the DH Series Laser Sword package?
The DH Series Laser Sword package includes one green laser, a charger plug, and an anti-fall package for protection. This comprehensive kit ensures you have everything needed to set up and use your Laser Sword effectively, whether for personal use or as part of a larger party lighting setup.