NewFeel Club Laser Lights F2550
NewFeel Club Laser Lights F2550
NewFeel Club Laser Lights F2550
NewFeel Club Laser Lights F2550

Newfeel F2550 40K RGB Full Color Club Laser Lighting

  • F2550 laser party lights cost-effective dj laser light system, 3D Animation laser lights show with super bright, well-visible beams, vivid colors, and great color fading.
  • The F2550 outdoor laser light projector with high speed 40Kpps scanning system enables to provide great performance for both projections and beams, built-in Pangolin FB4 available, low noise fans, compact case.
  • Our F2550 dj laser light projector-beam diameter/Angle: >5mm, 1.5mrad tight beam, analog or 100KHz TTL modulation optional, digital driver, work in -10 and up to 40 degrees temperature!
  • The lazer lights that light up the stage have high stability, nice white balance, easy to carry and install and align, which can meet the needs of most stages and make your laser light show more gorgeous.
  • Our event lighting scanner system has an easy-to-control browser interface and a fast scanner for clear graphics projection.
  • Our galaxy projector animated laser stage lights requires high graphics projection or long-distance projection is possible without any problems.
Model: F2550-910 (10w)
F2550-910 (10w)
F2550-915 (15w)
F2550--920 (20w)
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Item No. F2550-910 F2550-915F2550--920
Red Laser R3000mw/638nm R4000mw/638nm R6000mw/638nm
Green Laser G3000mw/525nm G4000mw/525nm G6000mw/520nm
Blue Laser B4000nw/450nm B7000nw/450nm B8000nw/450nm
Scanning system 40KPPS 40KPPS 40KPPS
3D laser projector
High quality and safety
Power supply AC110/220V, 50-60Hz±10%
Rated power max 600W
Laser power RGB10-20W
Laser modulated signal analog or TTL modulation
Beam diameter at the aperture max 7mm
Beam divergence max 1.3mrad
Laser wavelength red 638±5nm, green 520±5nm, blue 450±5nm
Scanning system 30K-40KPPS high speed scanning
Control mode international standard ILDA control /DMX512 signal control /self-walk/voice control/master-slave
Control interface international ILDA DB25 interface, international DXM512 , can connect with American pangolin laser software and tiger, pearl, MA controller,etc.
Safety function one beam protection, no signal to close the light, etc.
Suitable places big show,dacing hall, club, Bar and other enterntainment venues.
Working environment indoor (-30~40 degrees)
Packing flight case
Can I use the Dmx controller to make the F2550 laser display 3d patterns?
On the device itself or on the DMX controller.
How to set the F2550 club laser light to slave mode?
The mode button on the back.
For the sound activation mode, what needs to be displayed on the monitor?
The upper left button will return, the options will be displayed on the side, the right return button will play, and the bottom will move down to select the one you want. I lost the remote control on the buttons and trial and error. Give it a few minutes. Use unplug to wait one minute, then plugin and restart. Click on the sound.
Does the F2550 animation laser light have an SD card slot to insert ilda files? Does the device also come with an SD card to change the mode on the computer?
You can choose different items when purchasing: normal configuration/with SD card/with FB4.