2023's Best DJ Laser: 3 DJ Lights for Post-Pandemic Parties!

2023's Best DJ Laser: 3 DJ Lights for Post-Pandemic Parties!

by Newfeel Ho on Oct 30, 2023

Here are the top laser party lights! We'll reveal why disco laser lights are so essential...
Having the best DJ laser lights is simply common sense – if you're an experienced DJ, you should already know this. That's because in a DJ performance, your skills usually account for only half of the factors.
Don't get us wrong, having a fantastic music selection and an ear for creating a passionate atmosphere is a true skill! But if you can't match up in the visual department, you're likely to be overshadowed by another DJ. In other words, you might lose business to another DJ who invested in some inexpensive DJ lighting, maybe even a fog machine!
This is far from an ideal situation, especially when you're a professional losing business to a complete newbie. However, don't be misled into thinking you need to invest thousands of pounds to compete – you don't! Nowadays, affordable DJ lighting is often all you need. So, in this case, what are the best dj laser light for 2023? Are they truly worth the purchase? All of these aspects will be presented in the upcoming article.
Do the best laser party lights have specific requirements? Or are you just curious about which DJ lights are best for beginners? Using the menu below, you can easily find the answers you need...

When discussing DJ laser light, you have plenty of choices!

In fact, there are so many options that deciding what to buy and why can become quite a daunting task. It often leads you into a series of questions, such as, "What kind of lighting do DJs use? Which is the best DJ lighting for beginners?" and "Are DJ lights safe?" Fortunately, we've already figured out these questions, so to help you find affordable DJ laser lights, here are the top 3 best DJ laser lights we believe you can purchase in 2023.

1.M2 Professional Edition APP Remote Control Stage/Event Flashlights

If brightness is your top consideration on your shopping list, then these flashlights with APP Remote Control DJ Laser Light might be your best choice for DJ lighting! Yes, they are not your traditional laser lights. In fact, these flashlights are incredibly bright, and you may only need 1 (at most 2) to illuminate a 30-40 square meter hall!
So, you can imagine that they are perfect for weddings, events, parties - almost any small to medium-scale celebrations you can host. Purchasing more than one, you can even connect them via XLR (in series) to make them move in sync. How cool is that! Not to mention, they also offer modes like strobing, pulsating, and adjustable brightness - that's an added bonus.
Furthermore, they also have automatic, sound-activated, DMX, and master-slave modes. We particularly like the APP control and sound-activated modes, as, in our experience, they work almost perfectly in sync.

Why is this a "must-have" DJ lighting equipment?

The brightness of these lights is simply insane - we need sunglasses! 1-year warranty and lifelong technical support!
They operate between -20 to 40 degrees Celsius, with the benefit of cooling fans!
It's hard to find more APP Remote Control laser lights at this price!

2: NewfeelLaser Red LaserBeam Bar Stage Lighting (8 Beams at 180 Degrees)

If you're looking to transform your entire space with laser lights, NewfeelLaser has got you covered. With 8 beams and a 180-degree projection, you can adapt this DJ laser lighting to almost any space you desire. And if that's not enough, this lighting offers not just one, not just two, not just three, but four different modes: sound-activated, automatic, master-slave configuration, and DMX.
Oh, did we mention that, aside from their exceptional brightness, these lights are also incredibly energy-efficient? One of the benefits is that they can last for up to 10,000 hours! But, as impressive as that is, why this lighting has the potential to be the best DJ laser lighting actually depends on their installation.
Why might this NewfeelLaser Red LaserBeam Bar be the best DJ Laser Light?
When cutting through fog and smoke, the 8 beams look truly spectacular!
They have received high praise! As of the writing of this blog, these lights have solid 5-star ratings.
The 180-degree projection makes this lighting very versatile!

3: Built-in Battery APP Remote Control Laser Show Projector Disco/Stage Light

This masterpiece by NewfeelLaser is one of the finest party laser lights on the market, especially if you're seeking top-notch DJ laser light effects without too much concern for the price. At first glance, you might question it because there are other (cheaper) lights with more lasers. But please trust us, that's not the most important factor—this DJ light is a classic representation of quality over quantity.
We found that, compared to the previously mentioned M2 APP Remote Control Stage/Event Flashlights, these lights are brighter and more focused. They also have a more premium feel—M5 even comes equipped with top-notch stepper motors, making the M5 lights smoother and more responsive.
Speaking of which, just like the M2 mentioned earlier, what really makes these lights shine is their APP control mode and sound mode. In addition to that, they also have automatic, master-slave, and DMX modes. We assume they work great when hung on trusses—we say "assume" because we achieved outstanding results by simply placing them on a table. It's a bit DIY, but it proves how versatile these NewfeelLaser M5 lights are.

Why is this a "must-have" DJ light?

- Built-in battery
- Laser Power: 3~5W
- Automated Mode & APP Control Mode
- APP Remote Control As Well As A Tripod
- Has Multiple Patterns & Intelligent Mode & ILDA & RJ45
- Enjoy a true plug-and-play laser system experience.
- Effortlessly perform laser mapping and mapping tasks.
- Benefit from exceptional graphics rendering with minimal flickering.
- Seamlessly create laser show graphics and stunning beams.
- Instantly integrate digital signage without the need for laser technician experience.
- Elevate the visual appeal of style shots, music videos, and various other projects.