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2022 User Guide for Outdoor Waterproof RGB Laser Lights

by Newfeel Ho on Apr 16, 2022

What are the types of outdoor waterproof color laser lights?

In order to attract the attention of the crowd, Christmas light projector outdoor laser landmarks are used in many places. They scan the surroundings with high-power outdoor party lights lasers, emit laser beams in all directions, and then use the system to regularly change directions to form a unique laser night scene. Color laser landmarks make Architecture has become an iconic presence in the city, and it can also allow us to enjoy the dazzling scenery in the distance. In recent years, laser technology has gradually matured, and its safety and reliability have also been improved, so a variety of laser landmarks have been derived , then what types of color laser landmarks can be divided into?

1. Projection type

This color laser landmark can effectively expand the visible range of the outdoor party lights laser beam. Even after the long-distance projection of the optical transmitter, the laser beam can maintain its pure color and can be clearly observed from a long distance without being affected at all, but It can only be used when the weather is fine. When projecting color Christmas outdoor lighting laser landmarks, if the air quality is not good, it will directly affect the efficiency and quality of the projection.
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2. Performative

The continuous development of laser technology has made the performance-type color laser landmarks gradually mature, and their performance has also been greatly improved. High-speed galvanometer scanners can be used to emit a single laser beam into multiple beams, and the optical system can be controlled to change the output mode. , which combines the changing laser beams and music to achieve synchronous projection and achieve a good performance effect. This color laser landmark can even project simple text and patterns on the building surface or cloud layer to achieve the effect of advertising.
For equipment used outdoors, it is very important to take certain protective measures. Outdoor laser light projector are no exception. If the laser equipment is not protected during use, it may have a certain impact on the projection effect. It will damage the equipment, so when we purchase color laser landmarks, we must ensure that it has a complete self-protection system, which can adapt to harsh weather and environment within the scope of use, so that the color laser landmarks can work normally.
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What are the ways to improve the display effect of outdoor waterproof color laser lights?

Today, all kinds of beautiful night scene light shows are popular in the city. Due to its rich night scene lighting style and unique interactive beauty, its rich performance ability of lighting outlines the image of its buildings at night. Nowadays, if you want this color laser landmark light to show the cultural essence of its cultural relics, it is also necessary to pay attention to its expression techniques and improve the display effect of its color laser landmark light.
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1. Pay attention to colors and angles

Color is a guiding and resonant element, and the change of color is also an important technology to show its environmental atmosphere and architectural style. In the current application of reliable color laser landmark lights, in order to create a better building image. And to enhance the attractiveness of its buildings, it should also take into account the historical charm of its buildings and the matching of its colors. At the same time, in order to achieve better lighting in the night scene, it is also necessary to consider the angle of the light and the direction of light projection, and emphasize the details of its buildings so that the buildings can still show their own signs at night.
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2. Pay attention to lighting brightness and viewing conditions

In the design process of the city night scene light show, the viewing angle needs to have a three-dimensional sense, and the lighting in the night scene also needs to consider the primary and secondary structures of various buildings, so that the primary and secondary order can show a more three-dimensional viewing. Therefore, when applying a credible color laser landmark light, the viewing angle of its personnel needs to be considered. Therefore, at the same time, according to the recognition situation of the human eye and the comfort of viewing, the brightness of the color laser landmarks can be reasonably controlled, so that the outline can be better outlined to add a sense of hierarchy to the landscape.
In short, overall planning is required in the display of its lighting effects. In the process of using this preferential color laser landmark, the influence on the shape of the building itself should be minimized, and the display should be carried out through good lighting interaction. To highlight its landmark value, it can also realize the layering and delicacy of architectural culture, and let this color laser landmark light bring more richness to its cultural buildings.