A5- 30~60W RGB Animation Laser
A5- 30~60W RGB Animation Laser
A5- 30~60W RGB Animation Laser
A5- 30~60W RGB Animation Laser
A5- 30~60W RGB Animation Laser
A5- 30~60W RGB Animation Laser

A5 Waterproof 30~60W RGB Animation Laser Lights for Lazer Stage Lighting Show

  • 1. High-Power Projectors: 30W to 60W RGB animation DJ laser lights with over 200 built-in patterns and effects.
  • 2. Advanced Control Options: Supports ILDA, SD card, DMX, ArtNet, and professional/standard DMX modes.
  • 3. Stable Diode Technology: All-diode laser lighting modules offer 100% output power immediately, ensuring greater stability.
  • 4. Customizable Content: Includes software and TF card for creating and displaying custom laser lights graphics and text.
  • 5. IP65 Waterproof Design: Durable housing suitable for indoor and outdoor laser lights use.
  • 6. Safety and Compliance: Equipped with safety scanners, switches, emergency stops, and compliant with CDRH/FDA, European, and international standards.
Model: A5-930D(RGB 30W)
A5-930D(RGB 30W)
A5-840D(RGB 40W)
A5-940D(RGB 40W)
A5-950C(RGB 50W)
A5-960C(RGB 60W)
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Item No. A5
Laser Power RGB 40W
Laser Modulation Analog Modulation
Rated Power less than 500W
Protection Level IP65
Versatile RGB Animation Laser Light Projector
NF-A5 Laser IP65: Advanced Performance for Any Venue
Input Power AC110V/220V, 50-60Hz±10%
Rated Power less than 500W
Laser Power RGB 30~60W
Laser Modulation Analog Modulation
Laser Type Pure Solid-state Laser, High Stability, Long Lifespan.
Laser Output Beam Size less than 7*7mm
Laser Beam Divergence Angle less than 1.3mrad
Laser Wavelength Red 638±5nm, Green 525±5nm, Blue 455±5nm
Scanning System 25-30KPPS Large Mirror High-speed Scanner
Mirror Scanning Angle ±30°; Input Signal ±5V; Linear Distortion less than 2%
Control Mode Ethernet Interface ILDA Computer Laser Software/DMX512/Auto/Slave-master
Safety Intelligence Signal-free Closing Light, Switchable for DMX Signal and PC Signal. Equipped with a beam protection function, in case of mirror failure, it will automatically close the light if only one beam is emitted.
Suitable Venues Cultural Tourism Landscape Lighting, Medium and Large-scale Performances, Building Landmarks, etc.
Working Environment Indoor and Outdoor
Protection Level IP65
Cooling System Laser with TEC Cooling, Forced Air Cooling for the Whole Machine
Product size 50*54*39CM
Weight 50kg
Carton packaging size 55*64*49CM
Weight 51kg
Aircase packaging 44*51*45CM
1. What is the range of power options available for the A5 series DJ laser lights?
The A5 series DJ laser lights come in a range of 30W to 60W RGB animation laser light projectors. These high-power options ensure vibrant and impactful visual effects suitable for various venues and performance needs.
2. How can I create and display custom laser graphics and text with the A5 series?
Each A5 series laser light projector includes a TF card loaded with free software that allows users to create and edit simple programs, such as text and logos. These custom laser lights programs can be saved onto an SD card and displayed by the laser light projector once the files are recognized.
3. What are the control options available for the A5 series DJ laser lights?
The A5 series offers multiple control options, including professional and standard DMX modes, ILDA, SD card, DMX, and ArtNet. This flexibility allows for seamless integration with various control systems and ensures precise operation for different performance setups.
4. What makes the A5 series DJ laser lights suitable for professional lighting designers?
The A5 series features all-diode laser lighting modules that provide 100% laser output power immediately upon powering on, offering far greater stability compared to DPSS lasers. Additionally, the small beam size and low divergence are particularly favored by professional laser lights designers for creating intricate and detailed visual effects.
5. Are the A5 series DJ laser lights compliant with safety regulations?
Yes, the A5 series DJ laser lights fully comply with all US CDRH/FDA regulations, as well as European and international standards. The systems include essential safety equipment such as laser scanners, safety switches, and emergency stop systems to ensure safe operation during performances.