Disco Laser Projector
Disco Laser Projector
Disco Laser Projector
Disco Laser Projector
Disco Laser Projector
Disco Laser Projector

F2250 Party DJ Disco Laser Projector Karaoke Strobe Stage Lighting

  • Laser Lights Effect: 3in1 beam combos (red, green, pink and green) + 7 coloration backgrounds (red, green, blue, crimson & green, pink & blue, blue & green, purple & inexperienced & blue). 15 units of the sample library, extra than 1,900 patterns, stage lights with a sound sensor that would exchange extraordinary patterns, and colorful lasers lights consequences with the rhythm of the music.
  • Music Control: three automated modes and three sound-activated modes, strobe mode, timing putting (1/3/6/8 hours ), constant lighting fixtures patterns (motor stop). Such stage lights results create an extra outstanding atmosphere.
  • Premium quality: High-quality aluminum alloy housing, Built-in long-lasting cooling fan for first-rate warmth dissipation overall performance, and longer lifespan. Easily deploy and you can set up it in the location of the place you like and regulate the attitude you need.
  • Sound Activated: Auto/Sound Activated, pink and inexperienced mild with heritage mild should shine / move/merge / appear/disappear/flash to the beat of the music, growing a gorgeous atmosphere. Just revel in the colorful night.
  • Wide Use: Widely used for discos, ballrooms, hotels, skating rinks, public squares, household gatherings, bars, KTV, parties, concerts, and gala's like Christmas, Halloween, etc.
Mode: F2550
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Item No. NF-F2250
Red Laser Red 638nm
Green Laser Green 532nm
Blue Laser /
Scanning system 15
1900 patterns, stage lights with sound sensors will alternate with the rhythm of the music, outstanding patterns, and colorful lighting fixtures effects.
Working voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power 40W
Laser power 532nm green light 80mw, 638nm red light 100mw, 150mw / 450nm
Laser color red, green and blue
Scanning system 15kpps galvanometer
Laser pattern 15 sets of pattern library, more than 1,900 patterns
Control mode DMX-512, voice control, self-propelled, master-slave, remote control
Cooling system forced cooling by fan
Does this laser have an internal battery?
No, it doesn't.
Made in the USA?
Is made in China.
Can you choose to loop 1 specific pattern without it switching automatically to the next pattern?
How long will this run before needing a recharge?
This is plug-in party light, which has a longer life span and is safer than those chargeable lights.
What voltage?
It uses the same power source as any cell phone charger with an output of AC100-240V. I have even used one of the small portable charging banks to power the light and it works very well. Makes it very portable.
Does it have to be plugged in? When I turn it on, nothing happens (even if it charges for hours), but as soon as I plug it in, it turns right on.
Hi, Thanks for your questions. Yes, it needs to be plugged in. First, you need to plug in it, and then check if the switch on the back of the product turns on. At last, you can choose the modes with the remote or the button on the back of this light.