Fat beam lasers module
Fat beam lasers module
Fat beam lasers module
Fat beam lasers module
Fat beam lasers module
Fat beam lasers module
Fat beam lasers module

532nm R/G/B Laser Light Projector Module Art Show Stage Lights

  • The beam laser module has its own cooling fan, which can work for a long time.
  • This is the laser module of the laser show. This is a green, red, blue laser with a beam diameter of 532 nm. Please protect the lens and keep it clean to avoid dust.
  • You can use our Fat beam Laser to make various 3D art laser shows, or use it to make laser game, you can watch our effect photos and videos for reference.
  • This laser is recommended to purchase more than 5 groups, and it is suitable for various occasions, such as shooting scenes, art exhibitions, chain game rooms, and stage effect lighting.
  • The fan works (the laser temperature exceeds 35 degrees and the fan works)
  • Please wear 532nm laser goggles to protect your eyes when this module is working.
Model: F010-06*2PCS (Green 80mw)
F010-06*2PCS (Green 80mw)
F010-03*2PCS (Blue 500mw)
F010-12 *2PCS(Red 150mw)
F020-15*2PCS (Red 500mw)
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Item No. F010-06 F010-03 F010-12 F020-15
Power G80mw/520nm B500mw/450nm R150mw/650nm R500mw/638nm
Control mode TTL modulation TTL modulation TTL modulation TTL modulation
Fat beam 532nm Green/Red/Blue laser module continuous work stage lights Laser Art show lighting
It can be used directly by connecting to the power supply. It is recommended to buy multiple to use together.
Working voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power 10W
Laser color 520nm green light; 450nm blue light; 650nm/638nm red light
Control mode TTL modulation
Host size length 126mm*width 76mm*height 37mm
Product Dimensions 3.5 x 5.1 x 1.2 inches
Output wavelength 532 nm
Cooling method air cooling
Modulation frequency TTL 10-20K Hz
Where can I get a Freestyle profile fixture for this equipment?
I had to create one. But it was easy
Does this require a dmx controller? or is a dmx controller only required for additional custom control/patterns?
Not required, it can work as a stand-alone unit
Is this able to work without a dmx controller and does it have a sound active mode?
Yes it works without DMX controller and the sound active mode works fairly well in a small area but not sure how well the sensitivity will be in a large room.
Can you freeze it, or pause it while it's in the scanner like u can with cheaper lasers
With DMX