Finger Laser Lights
Finger Laser Lights
Finger Laser Lights
Finger Laser Lights
Finger Laser Lights
Finger Laser Lights
Finger Laser Lights

Finger Laser Lights Green and Red Flashing Laser green gloves Flashing Toys for Christmas

  • Two (2) pairs of LZR series gloves from GloFX
  • · Green laser beam
  • · 4 high power lasers per glove
  • · Kaleidoscope caps on each finger – removable
  • · LED palm light (green) - one per hand
  • · Rechargeable battery - included
  • · (2) Two DC Wall Chargers - Included
  • · Additional eight (8) kaleidoscope hats - optional
  • Welcome to a new kind of light show. When you put on the Newfeel Laser Glove Set, the crowd will experience your light show like never before. 8 high-power green lasers emanate from your fingertips, as if you are in a whirlwind of green light. Adjustable, removable kaleidoscope caps on each laser bend light into countless beams, allowing you to manipulate over 100 light spots. Alternatively, remove the cap and fire a high-powered beam from each finger. LZR Gloves also feature green palm lights for even more possibilities.
  • Each glove features an extremely bright LED palm light that produces an explosive flash of color at the touch of a button.
  • The adjustable Velcro wrist strap has smooth lines on top to fit any size hand. Two thumb-activated power buttons control these beasts, which are conveniently located on the inside of each hand.
  • Control all 4 lasers with one key, simultaneously.
  • To charge, simply unplug the battery connector connected to the DC charging port and plug it into any wall outlet. Each set includes 1 charger to quickly charge two laser gloves at the same time.
Model: NF-LG Green 50mW
NF-LG Green 50mW
NF-LG Red 100mW
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Item No. NF-LG Green NF-LG Red
Power 50mw 100mw
Battery included Yes Yes
Battery Required Yes Yes
Battery Type Lithium Lithium
NewFeel Lazer Fingers feature 4 high-power diodes on each hand. Unlike any other LED glove set on the market, these gloves Rave Light Show will turn any generic rave into an epic EDM Festival experience.
NewFeel Laser Gloves also have palm lights, allowing for even more possibilities for creating the ultimate set of Rave Gloves.
Manufacturer NewFeel
Red laser 100mw
Green 50mw
Part Number Laser Gloves
Item Weight 1.76 oz
Product Dimensions 3.5 x 5.1 x 1.2 inches
Batteries Requires 2 Li-Ion batteries. (include)
Color left hand + right hand
Material Polyester
Is there a battery pack inside the glove? If so, where is it and how big is it?
Yes. It is located in the wrist area and measures approximately 1 1/4 inches square.
What is this made of?
Cotton polyester blended fabric
Do they warm your hands?
Yes, it's great for winter use and keeps those little hands warm and fun during summer night light shows.
Glove size
Size for adults