Highway Laser Lights
Highway Laser Lights
Highway Laser Lights
Highway Laser Lights
Highway Laser Lights
Highway Laser Lights
Highway Laser Lights
Highway Laser Lights

IP65 Waterproof 8w Highway Laser Lights for Professional City Landmark

  • Waterproof (IP65) and durable aluminum body, suitable for various environments and applications, including outdoor laser lights, DJ lighting, and stage lights.
  • Offers exceptional stability with energy consumption lower than typical lights and a fluctuation value below 3%.
  • Equipped with aluminum and air cooling, ensuring optimal performance in high-temperature and humid environments.
  • Advanced optical design maintains stable power output even under vibrations, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Features robust power protection against overheating, overcurrent, and overvoltage, extending the laser's lifespan.
Model: HW801(8W * 1 head)
HW801(8W * 1 head)
HW802(8W * 2 head)
HW803(8W * 3 head)
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Item No. HW008
Input voltage AC220V/50Hz
power 25-100W
Control method Stand-alone mode
Beam angle 0.8°
High Stability and Energy Efficiency
Robust Heat Dissipation and Performance
Optimized Optical Structure and Stability
Comprehensive Power Protection
Input voltage AC220V/50Hz
Waterproof grade IP65
Light source power 1-8W
Light fixture power 25-100W
Light source life more than 8000 hours
Dielectric strength 1.5KV
Insulation resistance more than 2MΩ
Control mode Stand-alone mode
Color effect optional green light, aqua blue light, red, blue
Rotation angle Horizontal 1-355 degrees can be adjusted at will, vertical 60 degrees manual positioning.
Beam angle 0.8°
Heat dissipation method aluminum + air cooling
Reachable distance 1000-5000KM
Dimensions 370*150*450 (mm) 6.6KG
Packing size 530*270*470 mm 13.45KG
What makes the HW008 laser lights highly stable and efficient?
The HW008 laser lights feature a low energy consumption design with a fluctuation value below 3%. This ensures consistent and reliable performance, ideal for long-term use in environments requiring steady laser light shows, DJ lighting, and stage lights.
How does the HW008 handle high temperatures and humidity?
The HW008 is equipped with a robust aluminum and air cooling system, allowing it to perform optimally even in high-temperature and humid conditions. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor laser light applications, ensuring continuous operation without overheating.
How does the HW008 maintain power stability under physical stress?
The HW008 features an advanced optical structure and optimized production techniques that reduce the risk of laser cavity misalignment due to vibrations or impacts. This design ensures stable power output, making it reliable for dynamic and mobile installations.
What safety features are included in the HW008 laser lights?
The HW008 includes a comprehensive power protection system that safeguards against overheating, overcurrent, and overvoltage. These features extend the laser's lifespan and ensure safe operation, making it a secure choice for high-stakes events and installations.