NewFeel Moving Head Laser Light FY
NewFeel Moving Head Laser Light FY
NewFeel Moving Head Laser Light FY
NewFeel Moving Head Laser Light FY
NewFeel Moving Head Laser Light FY
NewFeel Moving Head Laser Light FY

2W 4W RGB Moving Head Laser Lights 30k Rgb Powerful Event Lighting

  • Independent research and development of circuits, programs, and structural appearance.
  • The shell is small and light, and the light is sharp.
  • Unified circuit and software design of laser parts and moving headlights.
  • The moving headlight has 8 patterns, 8 colors, a half color effect, and color rotation speed.
  • DJ moving headlights have 4 control modes with automatic operation, voice, DMX-512, master-slave.
  • Using extremely fast 540° Pan and 270° Tilt design allows the moving heads to move to different angles with high speed.
  • Moving lights suit dance halls, KTV, DJ disco parties, and live houses, increasing the romantic atmosphere.
  • DMX moving head fitted with 25W RGBW LEDs, perfect output effect and projection precisely.
Model: FY-2W
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Item No. FY-2WFY-3W
Red Laser R635-500mW R635-700mW
Green Laser G520-500mW G520-900mW
Blue Laser B445-1W B445-1400mW
Scanning system 25K 25K
FY moving head laser high-precision stepping motor scanning system
Easy to install and carry
Rated Voltage AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Rated Power 1000W
Scanner 30K high speed module scanner (Can be upgraded to 60K),Scan angle:±30°;Input signal:±5V;Linearity distortion2%)
Motor 2Pcs
Pan/Tilt X axis 540°Y axis 270°
Modulation analog
Beam diameter and Divergence 5mm;2mrad
Control Modes Music four mode with black out)/Automatic/Master-Slave/DMX512(25CH)
Demonstration effect Built-in 144 pattern
DMX effect Single pattern modes,and with the function of unique blanking,strobing, rotating, movement, billowing, zoom,drawing,speed and color etc.
Why the moving headlight is not responded to the DMX controller?
DMX LED should be on. If not, check DMX connectors, and cables to see if link properly.
Why the moving headlight is not responding to the sound?
Make sure the fixture does receive a DMX signal.
Can you make the laser light moving head only shine in one color? Like just a white roaming light? That’s all I need thanks
Yes, you can do this.
Can I mount them on top of my speakers?
It comes with a bracket to be mounted to the bar stand. The only way to mount to a speaker is a bracket being drilled to the top of speaker.