NewFeel 6 Eye Lasers Lights F6022
NewFeel 6 Eye Lasers Lights F6022
NewFeel 6 Eye Lasers Lights F6022
NewFeel 6 Eye Lasers Lights F6022

F6022 6 Eye RGBW Laser Party Lights Free Delivery Projector Christmas Lights

  • F6022 6 eyes party laser lights it suitable for regulating mood, Apply to family gatherings to sing several occasions karaoke OK, dance halls, nightclubs, discos,bars, KTV bars, shopping malls, plazas, parks and other use.
  • The F6022 disco party light Mini Size, easy to use
  • Our F6022 projector laser light decoration for party Red & green & blue build the atmosphere stereo.
  • F6022 Laser strobe light party With a project-light hole, it gives out brilliant colorful light beams
  • Our laser projection lights With a built-in fan for heat dissipation,conveniently to place it at anywhere,aluminum alloy housing.
  • F6022 party light Suitable for family gatherings, christmas laser lights, holiday projector, party projector and other places of entertainment.
Model: F6022
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Item No. F6022
Red Laser R100mw/650nm*2
Green Laser G60mw/532nm
Blue Laser B100mw/450nm
Scanning system /
Newfeel F6022 6-eye multi-pattern projector christmas lights
Features of F6022 mini laser stage disco party DJ lights:
Power supply AC110/220V, 50-60Hz±10%
Work rate 20W
Laser power 650nm red light 100~150mw*2 450nm blue light 100nm, 532nm green light 60mw
Laser color red, green and blue
Pattern pure one-dimensional light beam or 4 holes on 2 sides are pure one-dimensional light beams, 2 holes in the middle are 16-in-one grating patterns
Control mode voice control, self-propelled, DMX
Working environment indoor (10-35°)
How to install the F6022 party light laser? Can it be placed on the ground?
Hello, dear friend, yes, it can be on the floor or on the ceiling.
Can F6022 laser party disco lights be used externally?
Yes. The outside is neat and tidy. The coverage area is large. We danced with it in the backyard.
Can the speed of pattern change be controlled by DMX?