Super Series LaserCube Laser Show Projectors

Super Series LaserCube Laser Show Projectors

by Newfeel Ho on Jun 20, 2024

Laser projectors have become indispensable in club environments and laser shows, offering stunning visual effects that captivate audiences. Among the top choices on the market, Newfeel LaserCube M2, M5, and M6 stand out as powerful options for creating mesmerizing laser shows. Let’s delve into their main features and understand the differences between them.

Key Differences Between M2, M5, and M6

"I want to have the laser beams at my wedding just like I saw at the concert!"
The primary difference is that the M2 LaserCube does not have a built-in battery and is operated via an app compatible with Android systems. In contrast, the M5 and M6 models both come with batteries, providing 2-3 hours of continuous use on a full charge, and are compatible with both iOS and Android systems. Another distinction is that the M5 can only be controlled via an app, while the M6 supports app, DMX, and ILDA control. For further inquiries, please contact me via WhatsApp: +86 13723787533.

M2 LaserCube Series: Compact and User-Friendly

Our earliest M2 series models come in various power options: 300mw, 800mw, 1200mw, and 2200mw. These lasers feature mobile app control and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to DIY their favorite laser patterns. Key features include:
- Full-Color Animation for Home Parties
- User-friendly interface for creating spectacular laser light shows
- Compact, lightweight, and portable design

Why Choose M2 LaserCube?

- True plug-and-play laser system
- Simple laser geometry and animation
- No laser experience required for instant digital signage
- Enhanced visuals for music videos and style shots
- Open source hardware for additional software programming

M5 and M6 LaserCube: Advanced and Versatile

One significant upgrade in the M5 and M6 LaserCube projectors is the inclusion of new control software compatible with iOS systems. These projectors provide higher precision and speed, making laser animations and graphics smoother and more accurate. Improved scanning systems offer more sophisticated visual effects, taking laser shows to new heights.

M6 Laser Light: Unleash Creativity, Illuminate Anywhere

- Advanced control via Apple phone app
- Robust build for both indoor and outdoor applications
- Powerful battery for 2 hours of continuous operation

Versatile App Interface, Unlimited Creativity

- Draw and project creations in real-time
- Text playback for mood setting and audience communication
- Dynamic scenes with precise timing and spontaneous RGB laser transitions

Reliable and Ready for Fast Shipping

Our LaserCube series laser lights are in stock and ready for quick shipment. Delivery time to Europe and America is approximately 7 days, ensuring you get your laser light show equipment swiftly and reliably.
Experience the ultimate in laser show technology with the Newfeel LaserCube series, perfect for DJs, musicians, and live performers looking to captivate their audiences with stunning visual displays. Whether you're creating a club laser show, a stage light show, or a 3D laser show, the LaserCube series has you covered.