250W-LED Moving Head Light-DMX
250W-LED Moving Head Light-DMX
 250W-LED Moving Head Light-DMX

Explosive 250W LED Moving Head Light Perfect for DJ Stage and Theater Lights

  • Power Supply: AC110-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Maximum Input Power: 250W
  • Light Source: High brightness 200W LED module with an average lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Control Modes: DMX-512, RDM signal, voice control, self-propelled
  • Channel Mode: 14 DMX channels
  • Beam Angle: 2.3°
  • Flash Rate: 0-10 times/second
  • Movement Range: Horizontal 540° + 16-bit fine-tuning, Vertical 270° + 16-bit fine-tuning
  • Color and Effects: 12 color films + blank, 6-color multi-color film, prism effect, 14 fixed patterns + blank, atomization mirror, 24 prisms with bidirectional rotation
  • Dimming and Strobe: 0-100% dimming (16-bit), 1-20Hz strobe
  • Build and Design: Robust material, efficient heat dissipation, full temperature monitoring, and automatic temperature adjustment
Model: MHF200
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Item No. MHF200
Power Supply AC110-240V, 50/60Hz
Maximum Input Power 250W
Beam Angle 2.3°
Channel Mode 14 DMX channels
High-Performance LED Module
Efficient Design and Build
Power supply AC110-240V 50/60Hz
Maximum input power 250W
Light source high brightness 200W LED module
Theoretical life of light source average 50,000 hours
Control method standard international DMX-512 signal, RDM signal
Beam angle 2.3°
Flash 0-10 times/second
Horizontal 540 degrees + 16bit fine-tuning
Vertical 270 degrees + 16bit fine-tuning
Channel 14 standard DMX channels
Color film 12 color films + blank
Multi-color disk a 6-color multi-color film, with prism to play a colorful prism effect
Fixed pattern 14 + blank, can flow water, jitter effect
Atomization with an atomization mirror to achieve dyeing effect
Aircase packaging 24 prisms can rotate in both directions
What are the power requirements for the 250W LED Moving Head Light?
The 250W LED Moving Head Light operates on an AC110-240V, 50/60Hz power supply. This wide voltage range makes it compatible with standard electrical setups in most venues, ensuring reliable performance for various events, from professional stage lighting to DJ sets and club events.
What control modes does the moving head light support?
This moving head light supports multiple control modes, including standard international DMX-512 and RDM signals. It features 14 standard DMX channels, allowing for versatile and precise control of the light’s functions. Additionally, it includes an LCD menu for selecting X and Y axis speeds, making it an excellent choice for dj moving head lights and stage lighting applications.
What are the lighting effects and features of the 250W LED Moving Head Light?
The moving head light is equipped with a multi-color disk featuring 12 color films plus a blank, and a 6-color multi-color film, providing a wide range of vibrant colors. It also includes a prism for creating a colorful prism effect, a fixed pattern wheel with 14 patterns plus a blank, and an atomization mirror for dyeing effects. These features make it ideal for dynamic lighting setups in theaters, concerts, and DJ performances.
What makes this moving head light suitable for professional venues?
The 250W LED Moving Head Light is designed with a high-quality, robust construction and an efficient heat dissipation system, ensuring optimal performance in various environments. It supports a working temperature range of 0°C to 45°C and features intelligent speed control fans to protect the lamp beads, extending their lifespan to up to 50,000 hours. These attributes, along with its advanced control and dynamic lighting effects, make it ideal for professional venues such as theaters, concert halls, high-end clubs, and mobile stages.