NEWFEEL T2 Series: The innovative choice of full-color animation laser stage lighting

NEWFEEL T2 Series: The innovative choice of full-color animation laser stage lighting

by Newfeel Ho on Mar 07, 2024

NEWFEEL continues to explore innovation in the field of stage lighting, aiming to provide users with an unprecedented visual experience. The T2 series laser lights is the product of this innovative effort. It combines high performance, versatility and user-friendly design, making it an indispensable dj equipment for professional stages, nightclubs, concerts and various events.

Main features

Efficient power supply and laser power: T2 laser light supports AC110/220V, 50-60Hz±10% power input, and the maximum rated power is 100W. It is equipped with an RGB laser diode ranging from 1W to 5W, and provides stable and powerful laser output through TTL modulation technology.
Precise laser wavelength: Using imported semiconductor solid-state lasers, the laser wavelengths are red 638±5nm, green 520±5nm, and blue 450±5nm, ensuring the purity of the beam quality and color.
Diversified control methods: T2 supports DMX512 signal control, self-propelled, voice control, master-slave mode, adapting to various performance environments and user needs. The control interface is compatible with the international DMX512 standard and can be seamlessly connected with the American Pangolin laser software and mainstream equipment such as Tiger, Pearl, and MA controllers.
Rich graphics library: The T2 series is equipped with 128 preset graphics, from simple patterns to complex animations, meeting diverse visual effect needs. This enables the T2 to not only provide users with standard beam effects, but also to create unique and captivating visual performances.
Stunning true-color laser lights: With high-power RGB laser diodes from 1 to 5 watts, the T2 is able to project powerful and vibrant true-color laser lights, easily captivating audiences whether on large stages or in confined spaces gaze.

Application scenarios

T2 series full-color animated laser stage lighting, with their excellent performance and versatility, are especially suitable for various professional stages, nightclubs, concerts, festivals and other occasions. Whether it is a dynamic DJ party or an atmospheric concert, T2 can provide unique and charming light and shadow effects, bringing an unforgettable visual experience to the audience.

in conclusion

NEWFEEL T2 series laser lights set new standards for stage lighting through their innovative technology and versatility. It not only satisfies the pursuit of high-quality lighting effects by professional users, but also provides the possibility for lighting enthusiasts to realize their creativity. Choosing the T2 series means choosing unlimited visual creativity and excellent performance effects.