Unleash Visual Brilliance with NF-HW Pro and F5400 Waterproof Lasers | Perfect for Laser Water Shows

Unleash Visual Brilliance with NF-HW Pro and F5400 Waterproof Lasers | Perfect for Laser Water Shows

by Newfeel Ho on Apr 27, 2024

Unlock the magic of laser water shows with our cutting-edge NF-HW Pro and F5400 RGB outdoor laser projector, engineered for ease of use, broad application, and exceptional waterproof capabilities. Dive into a world where visual spectacle meets rugged durability.

NF-HW Pro: Simplicity Meets Versatility

- User-Friendly: Featuring an intuitive design, the NF-HW Pro ensures that you can setup quickly without sacrificing precision and quality.
- Broad Application: Ideal for various settings from professional conferences to grand scale outdoor laser water shows, the NF-HW Pro adapts effortlessly to your creative demands.
- Superior Waterproofing: With advanced waterproof capabilities, this laser projectors promises impeccable performance, even in challenging weather conditions, making it perfect for outdoor entertainment.

F5400 RGB Outdoor Laser: Built to Thrive Outdoors

Learn how to seamlessly integrate laser lights into your wedding decor, enhancing the venue's ambiance. This section includes successful examples where wedding lighting have elevated wedding settings, providing practical tips for achieving similar results.
- Robust Waterproof Design: Rated IP53, the F5400 is specifically crafted to withstand the elements, ensuring flawless operation in outdoor environments.
- Powerful RGB Outputs: Emitting vibrant, high-intensity colors with a 40W RGB laser, the F5400 transforms any water canvas into a mesmerizing spectacle of light.
- Precision and Clarity: With a beam diameter less than 8mm and minimal divergence, it delivers sharp, focused visuals across any distance.

Elevate Your Events

Imagine combining these two powerhouse lasers at your next event. From captivating laser water shows that dance to the rhythm of waves to outdoor installations that defy the ordinary, our lasers are not just tools but gateways to unforgettable experiences.

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