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GrandMA2 Black Horse with touchscreen dmx console

GrandMA2 Black Horse with touchscreen dmx console

US $2,300.00 -US $2,400.00
  • Delivery:
  • Minimum order quantity:1 piece
  • Supply Ability:1000000 piece / Month
  • Stock Time:3 Days
  • Categories: NF Control System

    Product Description

    Voltage: 165V-264V


    Built in UPS 

    Mother board:  independent motherboard of gigabyte, independent i3/i5/i7CPU

    120GB Kingston SSD, 4GB RAM

    Control setting: 1 Main control dimmer wheel

    4 attribute coding wheels (integrated button function): 1 master control fader (60mm manual)

     2 AB faders (100mm manual): 21 program playback faders (60mm manual)

     42 program storage function keys: two 19-inch widescreen touch screens

     Full specification command keypad: flight case with keyboard and mouse

     Interface: 2 USB3.0 interfaces (type A): 4 USB2.0 interfaces (type A)

     1 redundant USB input interface (type B): 1 audio input interface

     1 stereo output interface: 1 LTC input interface

     6 DMX-512 output interfaces

     1 DMX-512 input interface (composite output function): 2 working light interfaces

     1 gigabit network interface: 1 MIDI input interface

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