Newfeel Z1516 Laser + Strobe + Magic Party Light Ball
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Newfeel Z1516 Laser + Strobe + Magic Party Light Ball
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Newfeel Z1516 Laser + Strobe + Magic Party Light Ball
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Newfeel Z1516 Laser + Strobe + Magic Party Light Ball

  • Z-1516 disco ball party light Laser + Strobe + Magic ball three combination Intelligent disco mirror ball party light.
  • The Z-1516 best party light exquisite shape, easy installation, rich and changeable color, strong stereo sense of light beam, multi-color rotating flowing rainbow effect, using high performance light source, long service life, RB/RG laser +strobe + magic ball 3in1 intelligent light ,best suitable for backyard party light, strobe light party, christmas laser, party , best lighting for game room, mini stage performance, etc.
  • Newfeel Z-1516 light up party favor LED light source: 4pcs 3W LED + 20W integrated white beads. Bead color: magic ball: red, green, blue, yellow; strobe: white.Laser color: RB or RG.
  • Our Z-1516 party laser light Laser wavelength: 532 nm green, 650 nm red and 450 nm blue.
  • Z-1516 party disco light Control mode: DMX512, music, self-walk, master-slave.
Model: Z1516
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Item No. Z1516
Red Laser R100mw/650nm
Green Laser G60mw/520nm
Blue Laser /
Scanning system /
Party spot light
Z-1516 best lighting
Power supply AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Work rate 60W
LED light source 4 3W lamp beads + 20W integrated white light
Magic ball color four colors
Laser light source G60mw R100mw
Laser wavelength green 520nm, red 650nm
Raster pattern 16
Control mode DMX512, voice control, self-propelled, master-slave installation mode: ceiling/plug-in
I don't have a dmx, does Z-1516 party city strobe light have an Auto mode?
Yes. Also, it has a sound activated mode. It has a tiny microphone on the back, so sound level has to be pretty loud.
Where can i find an actual manual and the ssl file for use with a dmx controller?
Hello,Dear Customer,If you did not receive the channel's descriptions,Please send the Email to us by your order ID and we will send them to you, thank you very much.
Can I use Z-1516 outside party light on 110 volts?
Yes,you can use the dj lights on 100-220V,it comes with a 3 Pin US power line.
Hi. Can you connect two Z-1516 disco ball party light with dmx cable and have one in front of a speaker and on sound activated so would the second one be sound activated too?
Yes. set the one to the sound activated mode and the other that is hooked up by DMX cable to slave mode.
Can the seller please confirm whether you can shut the strobe off and just use other functions?
In auto or sound mode, I think it cycles through all modes, including strobe.