Guess Which Laser Show Company I'm Talking About!

Guess Which Laser Show Company I'm Talking About!

by Newfeel Ho on May 31, 2024

Today, I’m going to introduce a company that specializes in advanced visual effects technology. Can you guess which laser show company it is?

Their laser shows mainly include:

1. Moving Head Laser Light Performances : These are typically used for concerts, festivals, corporate events, and public celebrations. These performances combine music, synchronized moving head laser lights, and dynamic visual effects to create an immersive experience.
2. Laser Multimedia : This company combines laser lights with other multimedia elements such as video, sound, and special effects to create a comprehensive multi-sensory experience. This approach is perfect for events that require a high level of engagement and impact.
3. Animation Laser Light 3D Mapping : Using 3D mapping technology, images and animations from animation laser lights are projected onto three-dimensional surfaces, transforming ordinary objects and buildings into dynamic canvases. This technology is often used in large productions and architectural projections.
4. Water Effects : The company also specializes in water-based visual effects, combining laser light projectors with water screens, fountains, and other aquatic elements to create stunning visuals. These effects are frequently featured in theme parks, waterfront shows, and special events.
Headquartered in Pico Rivera, California, this company holds a significant position in the entertainment field. They have offices in the USA, Egypt, and Dubai, specializing in creating laser light shows and multimedia shows for corporate events, domestic and international festivals, and special events in the Middle East.

Over the past few years, they have dazzled audiences with their innovative and stunning laser light shows. Here are some of their famous shows from recent years:

2023: Groove Cruise Miami at Sea
In 2023, they brought their spectacular laser light show to the Groove Cruise Miami at Sea. This event featured a combination of music, dance, and stunning laser effects, creating an unforgettable experience for attendees. The show was known for its fierce laser action, synchronizing perfectly with the music and enhancing the overall party atmosphere.
2022-2023: Masterbeat NYE Carnival Los Angeles
They performed at the Masterbeat NYE 2022-2023 Carnival in Los Angeles. The show was a hit, featuring jaw-dropping laser light shows and amazing dance performances. The combination of lasers and choreography created magical moments, highlighting their expertise in creating synchronized light displays.
In 2022, they teamed up with CLUBLAND SF to create fabulous events featuring top DJs, go-go dancers, special effects, and their signature party lighting lasers. These events were held at unique venues across the USA, showcasing their ability to elevate any event with their advanced laser programming and effects.
2021: Daddyland Dallas TX
They made a significant impact at Daddyland in Dallas, TX, with their fierce laser action. This event demonstrated their focus on creating a show out of laser light projectors, providing stellar laser programming that elevated the event to the next level. Their custom laser programming ensured that each show was tailored to fit the event's atmosphere and audience.
2021: LDI Show Las Vegas
At the LDI Show in Las Vegas, they showcased their state-of-the-art laser light projectors and other advanced laser technologies. This event allowed them to demonstrate their latest innovations in laser lighting, attracting attention from industry professionals and attendees alike.
Can you guess which company it is? Send me an email at sunny@nfstagelight with your guess, and you might win a prize!