The History of NewFeel Laser Lights

The History of NewFeel Laser Lights

by Newfeel Ho on May 30, 2024

New Feel Stage Lighting Company has rapidly emerged since 2007 with its innovative laser lights. From debuting the Rainbow Beam Laser Light Projector to the versatile M6 LaserCube, we've consistently wowed global audiences. As a leading laser lighting supplier, we illuminate stages worldwide.
Today, I want to introduce you to the history of the New Feel laser brand. Since its establishment in 2007, New Feel Stage Lighting Company has rapidly emerged in the stage lighting industry with its outstanding product quality and innovative technology. Over the years, the company has actively participated in major professional exhibitions at home and abroad, continuously showcasing our latest products and technologies, earning high recognition and praise from customers worldwide.

2007-2009: Beginnings and Breakthroughs

In its first year, New Feel Stage Lighting Company participated in the Prolight + Sound Guangzhou exhibition. This was New Feel’s debut on the international stage. We introduced our first-ever "Rainbow Beam Laser Light Projector" from the NF660 series. This laser light projector wasn't just cool; it could transform the entire stage into a rainbow bridge. Everyone exclaimed, "Wow, where did the rainbow come from?!" We laughed and said, "We brought it. Welcome to the world of New Feel!"

2010-2012: Steady Progress

During these three years, we continuously improved our product technology and performance, and participated in the Prolight + Sound Shanghai and Prolight + Sound Frankfurt exhibitions. We shone brightly with our "Speed Tracking DJ Laser Lights" from the LY series. These DJ laser lights could not only precisely track every movement of the performers but also change colors according to the music rhythm. The audience said our DJ laser lights were more accurate than GPS!

2013-2015: Accelerating Internationalization

As the company developed, our exhibition footprint expanded globally. In addition to continuing to participate in well-known domestic and international exhibitions, we also attended the LDI Show (Live Design International) in Las Vegas for the first time. During this period, our "Star Projection Outdoor Laser Lights" from the A1-HK series shone at the exhibitions. These outdoor laser lights could turn the entire theater into a starry sky. The audience lay back in their seats, gazing at the endless stars, and marveled: "This is the right way to watch a show!"

2016-2018: Technological Innovation Leading the Market

These three years marked a period of technological leaps for New Feel Stage Lighting Company. We launched a series of smart-controlled laser light products, shining brightly at various exhibitions. Especially at the 2018 Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) exhibition, we introduced the "3D Stereoscopic Laser Light Show" from the A5 series. Yes, you heard that right. This laser light show could form three-dimensional patterns in the air. Everyone asked us, "What kind of black technology is this?" We just smiled and quietly accepted countless rounds of applause.
This laser light show could project holographic images in the air, making it seem like the performers were right in front of you. The audience exclaimed, "This is more real than a 3D movie!"

2019-Present: Emphasizing Intelligence and Environmental Protection

Since 2019, the company has focused on intelligent and environmental technologies. We integrated more intelligent control systems and eco-friendly materials into our product designs. At the Prolight exhibition, we launched the "Smart Control Christmas Laser Lights." These Christmas laser lights could be controlled via a mobile app. The audience just needed to move their fingers to change the Christmas laser lights effects at will. Everyone sighed, "This is smart living!"
Our latest M6 LaserCube can achieve countless cool laser effects through programming. Everyone said our custom laser lights were a lighting designer's dream tool. Despite its small size, it is packed with powerful functions. These professional laser lights are lightweight and portable, yet capable of creating grand effects. They can be used for stage performances, outdoor lighting, and architectural projections, truly achieving multi-purpose use. Everyone exclaimed, "Your light is so versatile!"
Looking back on these years of exhibitions, New Feel Stage Lighting Company has always adhered to innovation and quality, constantly surpassing itself. In the future, we will continue to actively participate in major global exhibitions, showcasing our latest technologies and products, and working hand in hand with global customers to promote the development and progress of the stage lighting industry.
New Feel Stage Lighting Company, as a leading laser lighting supplier, will continue to illuminate every stage and brighten every moment with excellent products and professional services!