Transform Your Wedding with LaserCube

Transform Your Wedding with LaserCube

by Newfeel Ho on Jun 14, 2024

Transform your events with LaserCube Series from Wicked Lasers. Perfect for weddings, parties, and large venues, our laser lights, laser light projectors, and animation laser lights create unforgettable experiences. Contact us to elevate your event with stunning visuals and professional lighting solutions.

Turn Once-in-a-Lifetime Moments into Unforgettable Memories with Newfeel LaserCube Series

"I want to have the laser beams at my wedding just like I saw at the concert!"
This simple feedback sparked our journey into lighting production, and now our services are acclaimed not only at wedding venues but at many event sites. One laser light can completely transform the atmosphere of a place. Our experienced staff can create everything from a touching ambiance to a lively space, all with the power of light.

Connecting Music and Light for a Unified Experience

We place special emphasis on connecting music and light, creating a perfectly unified space. The possibilities are endless and the charm is unique. From corporate gatherings, award ceremonies, fashion shows, to proms, we provide popular lighting production for various events. Our party lighting lasers are perfect for setting the mood. We offer a wide range of equipment, allowing you to coordinate your space according to your needs, including the innovative laser disco ball. We provide this enhanced experience at a reasonable price, elevating the quality of the entire event by a level or two.

Expanding Service Areas: Kanto, Chubu, and Kansai

Our services are expanding across Kanto, Chubu, and Kansai regions, ensuring we can bring our unique lighting experiences to more people and events.

LaserCube Series: Ideal for Any Event

The NF LaserCube Series is perfect for creating stunning visual effects for any occasion. From dance parties where lights change in real-time with the melody and rhythm, providing a more authentic feel, to weddings where we create a completely original program to match your desired songs, the combination of music and light offers a unique production. Our moving head laser light and animation laser light capabilities ensure dynamic and captivating displays.

Equipment Packages for Different Venue Sizes

For medium-sized venues (2000 square feet, hanging height 15-25ft):
2 LaserCube Series - 5W laser lights
1 fog machine
1 snow machine
Other necessary equipment and various cables
Total cost: $1300
For larger venues (5000-6000 square feet, hanging height 15-25ft):
4 LaserCube Series - 5W laser lights
2 haze machines
2 snow machines
Other necessary equipment and various cables
Total cost: $2600

Creating Mesmerizing Laser Shows for All Occasions

Using the latest solid-state technology from Wicked Lasers, we specialize in creating mysterious, bright, and mesmerizing laser shows for various events—from parties, grand occasions, fairs, games, to ceremonies—essentially, any gathering that gets people's blood pumping! Our wedding laser set is designed to make your special day even more memorable.
With our passion for laser beams and the magic they bring, we offer:
Laser beam shows
Laser animation shows
Laser man performances
Laser logo projection
Laser mapping

Contact Us for a Spectacular Event

Let us transform your event with the magic of laser lights. Whether you need a laser light projector for a wedding or party, or professional-grade laser lights for a large-scale event, we’ve got you covered. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll handle the rest, ensuring your event is memorable and unique.