Best Laser Lights (2023): Light Up Your Event DJ Sets!

Best Laser Lights (2023): Light Up Your Event DJ Sets!

by Newfeel Ho on Jul 24, 2023

Let’s talk Event laser lights! If you’re a DJ, there are only a few essentials that you need for proper performance. For the most part, outside of a quality DJ controller, some good DJ speakers, and a capable laptop computer, everything else is kind of just a useful addition.
Still, just because those are the only things you’ll need doesn’t mean you can’t significantly improve the overall enjoyment and experience for your audience while performing.
There are many different ways to enhance your performance and stand out from most other DJs, the use of the best Event laser lights being one of the most useful and effective by far.

Best Laser Lights: Our Overall Choice

Designed to be lightweight for easy portability. The Suny Mini Portable is super compact and powerful, and you can carry your party Event lights with you anywhere with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, charge at any time, and project to anywhere you are spinning!

3 Top Event Laser Lights – Best, Premium & Value

Below, we’ll take the time to check out some of the best DJ Event laser lights currently on the market while also giving you some tips on how to fit them, use them safely, and enhance your DJ environment.

LaserCube Built-in Battery APP Remote Control Laser Show Projector(Best Overall)

First on our laser lights list is the LaserCube Mini Portable Cordless Laser Lights.
Introducing the Newfeel LaserCube
Innovative and powerful RGB laser projector, equipped with tablet APP control and logic system, built-in battery, can be used for 2~3 hours on a single charge.
Auto Shuffle Mode
No need to program the entire laser show. Customize your favorite apps, slideshows, and effects and let the autoplay feature shuffle them seamlessly.
Full Color Customization
Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors. LaserZQshow provides numerous color effects and fully customizable settings, including hue, saturation, and gamma, allowing you to achieve any shade you desire.
What We Like:
Built-in battery
Laser Power: 3~5W
Automated Mode & APP Control Mode
APP Remote Control As Well As A Tripod
Has Multiple Patterns & Intelligent Mod & ILDA & RJ45

NF660 Series 3w 5w Programmable Animation Laser Projector Club Lights(Premium Pick)

NF660 Series Analogue Laser Projector
The Newfeel NF660 laser light series is an Analogue Laser Projector 1000mW. This powerful semi-professional pure diode laser is capable of intense standard laser effects like; beams, waves and tunnels but also basic graphics. The NF660 Series offers sound-to-light, stand-alone modes, and DMX control so it can be controlled with the rest of your lighting. It also features an ILDA port for professional computer control. Furthermore, you can use the NF660 Series in the master-slave mode; so it’s perfect for small to medium-sized nightclub installs, indoor events and mobile DJs.
New Designed Compact Housing
The NF660 laser light series show laser projector comes with a completely new designed compact housing, which is lightweight and has a stable bracket. The solid bracket allows for different mounting positions: a hanging, as well as a standing installation, is possible – ideal for mobile DJs and temporary laser shows, but also for fixed installations at a truss or at the ceiling.
What We Like:
Can be controlled with any ILDA laser control software
With analog /TTL modulation and guaranteed output power of 5W
New Designed Compact Housing
Can Alter The Pattern Size
Master-Slave Mode.

3.F9 Series Cartoon Animated Laser Projector Programmable Stage Laser(Value Pick)

Newfeel F9 Series Laser Lights
The Newfeel F9 laser projection light is a full-color RGB laser light laser projector, designed for clients who want an economically friendly laser show system, that still has the power to produce beautiful aerial beam effects, as well as resolution laser graphics, logos, and text.
The back panel of F9 series laser lights has DMX control interface and RJ45 network port. If you need ILDA control, we can configure an adapter for you. This laser light also has voice control function. The knob behind the back panel can adjust the sensitivity of voice control. The LED control panel can control the operation mode of the laser lights, which are free mode, voice control mode and DMX mode.
What We Like:
Create a laser show easily
Full Color Laser Lights
Integrated Color Laser Design
Inexpensive and easy to carry