Shipping Policy

All laser projectors and systems sold through Newfeel Laser Light are customized to order and will be shipped directly from the manufacturing plant to the address you provided when placing the order. Unless otherwise stated, the customer is responsible for the shipping cost, and when placing the order, the shipping cost will be displayed on the checkout page of our online store. Once the order is processed, we will also list the applicable shipping charges on the invoice sent to you. The build and export time is very dependent on the order time, but usually the system will ship within 7-15 working days.
Shipment service
All systems are shipped with UPS, FedEx and DHL. For US orders, FedEx is the most commonly used shipping method. We can arrange the delivery on our FedEx account. During this process, we will indicate the applicable shipping cost in our online store during checkout and on the invoice sent to you after the order is processed. For orders placed in Europe and other geographic regions, we usually ship with TNT or FedEx. The shipping cost will be indicated again in our online store or on the invoice or proforma invoice sent to you during the ordering process. For large orders, we can also use Cargo Partner as the transportation supplier. This is only used in rare cases, when the size of the shipment may be considered too expensive, use a more standard shipping provider (such as FedEx or TNT).
Use your own shipping provider and account
We can also arrange the shipping system using your own shipping account. When using your own shipping provider, please inform us of your shipping account number when placing an order. This service is only available when using FedEx, DHL or UPS.
Delivery confirmation
After the purchased laser system is produced, we will contact you and provide all application shipping and tracking information. This information will be emailed to you, to the email address you provided when ordering.
Imports, duties and taxes
For all laser systems sold by Newfeel Laser Light, we will provide invoices to customers. Customers are responsible for any applicable duties and taxes, which may be collected due to system imports. For EU and international customers: All purchased systems will be shipped directly to the address provided when ordering. The customer is responsible for any application duties and/or taxes.
Please provide us with the correct delivery information and make sure someone is at the delivery location when the package arrives. We will mail the waybill number to you (please note that we will not receive the waybill number before noon the next day after delivery) so that you can arrange for the recipient to arrive. After receiving the package, we recommend that you check the packing box with the courier driver and pay attention to whether the package is damaged. If there is any damage, please reject the package or contact us as soon as possible.
Newfeel stage lights Store is not responsible for delayed packages caused by incorrect shipping information (for example, wrong address or missing phone number). Please note that courier does not ship to post office boxes (PO boxes), only to street addresses. We need a street address before shipping!
Please choose the shipping time carefully. The stage lighting shop is not responsible for any delays in delivery due to the carrier or weather.