Laser Show Lighting & Equipment for Spectacular Visual Displays

Laser Show Lighting & Equipment for Spectacular Visual Displays

by Newfeel Ho on Jun 16, 2023

What is commonly known as laser show lighting is actually a sophisticated laser display projector or system used by professionals. These laser show lights emit laser beams within the visible spectrum of light and are typically utilized in conjunction with various beam effects.
You might be curious about the necessary laser light show equipment for an outdoor presentation, the cost of laser light equipment for home entertainment, or the investment required for a top-notch professional setup like the Newfeel laser light projector. Let's delve into the fundamentals.

Understanding Laser Light Show Equipment

The equipment essential for creating mesmerizing laser show lights can be categorized into five key groups:

1. Laser Show Lights/Display Systems (Laser Light Show Projectors): These devices are purpose-built to project dynamic, scanned laser beams, aerial laser light effects, and captivating laser light graphics such as text, logos, and animations.
While entry-level laser light "toys" can be found for just a few euros, professional-grade indoor and outdoor laser light projectors are significantly more expensive. It's important to note that the highest price tag doesn't always guarantee the best quality.
Large-scale outdoor laser displays are achieved using powerful laser projectors. These projectors, commonly known as laser beamers, beam bars, or static beams, are primarily designed to emit stationary laser beams, either individually or simultaneously from multiple outputs. While these laser show lights may incorporate additional effects like diffraction gratings to create movement or alter the appearance of the laser beam, they do not belong to the category of laser light show projectors since they do not utilize scanners to generate scanned effects.
Laser Modules
There is a wide variety of laser show lights available in the market, ranging from those suitable for small private parties, home celebrations, and discotheques to those specifically designed for professional use at concerts, tours, TV shows, and other public events. However, only a few manufacturers produce high-quality laser show light projectors that meet the standards required for professional applications. Despite the progress made by some manufacturers in the Far East through reverse engineering, European manufacturers still maintain an edge in terms of laser beam quality, control systems, scanners, and critical safety features.
Laser display control systems typically come as a package that includes an interface and compatible laser control software. These systems facilitate communication and data exchange between a control computer and the laser show projector. A recent trend in the Laser Display Industry is the integration of the control interface within the laser projector itself, eliminating the need for heavy ILDA cables that would traditionally connect the control interface and the projector.
Laser Modules
Hazers and smoke generators play a vital role in laser shows, as they create an environment where the laser light becomes visible to the human eye. Laser light reflects off particles present in haze, smoke, mist, fog, rain, dust, or snow, enabling us to perceive the lasers. Hazers are often preferred over fog machines, as they produce a lighter and finer haze with longer dispersion times. Fog from foggers tends to be denser, descends rapidly, and leaves a sticky residue on surrounding surfaces, including sensitive laser show equipment.
When projecting laser graphic images, text, or animations in a laser light show, a suitable projection surface becomes essential. While a wall is commonly used as the projection surface, more elaborate and specialized mediums may be employed depending on the specific requirements of the event.

Aqua Projection of Laser Light Shows

Laser Modules
Laser projections have the potential to be displayed on various mediums such as an almost invisible gauze, a rear projection screen, holographic foil, and even luminous textile materials resembling phosphors. Additionally, they can be projected onto water screens, fog screens, during heavy rain, dense fog, or snowfall.

Each display medium offers its own unique qualities, providing numerous possibilities for experimentation.

Laser Modules
It is essential to categorize the aforementioned equipment based on where, why, and by whom it will be used. However, it is the responsibility of the laser light show performer to determine which equipment best suits their specific needs.
For instance, a mobile DJ primarily performing in smaller indoor spaces for crowds of a few hundred people may require different laser light show equipment compared to a lighting professional accompanying a renowned band on a European tour, performing outdoor displays for thousands of spectators.

Distinguishing Outdoor and Indoor Laser Light Show Equipment

Laser Modules
For large public outdoor shows, all laser display equipment must be of professional-grade quality, incorporating necessary safety features and being durable. Ideally, the equipment should be weatherproof or, at the very least, water-resistant. Moreover, not only the laser equipment itself, but also the electrical and signal cabling, must be robust enough and certified for outdoor use.
Regarding laser projectors, a fundamental rule for most outdoor situations requiring aerial laser effects is that higher-quality laser power is preferred. From this perspective, our Spectrum systems are ideal for such projects, with our flagship system LD Spectrum 33 RGBY, introduced in 2019, being the ultimate choice.
The laser control system, whether for indoor or outdoor laser show displays, must be reliable and well-mastered by the programmer and operator. The optimal method for professionally controlling lasers in both large-scale outdoor and indoor events is through native control from lighting consoles via DMX or ArtNet. All Newfeel systems can be controlled via DMX, ArtNET, or both, and the lighting console manufacturers' websites provide profile personalities for compatibility.
Hazers designed for outdoor laser light shows are typically large and robust machines that are usually powered by gas. While it is nearly impossible to predict exact wind conditions and the hazers' effectiveness during an event, some form of artificial haze or smoke should always be provided to enhance the visibility of lasers as much as possible.
In outdoor settings, the most desirable "screen" for laser projections would be a dense cloud of heavy snowfall. However, we understand that achieving this is not always feasible or within human control. Instead, installing a large water screen on a lake or river is a viable option that offers a vast and captivating area for laser or video displays.

Differentiating between Home Entertainment and Professional Laser Show Lights

Laser Modules
Laser devices possess hazards that can cause permanent blindness if not functioning or operated correctly, making it crucial to prioritize safety. When using lasers at home for personal entertainment with family and friends, the choice of equipment is up to you. Although we strongly recommend using professional-grade equipment and strictly adhering to laser safety regulations, ultimately, the decision lies with the individual.
Experience a captivating laser light show at a public event while ensuring utmost safety!
However, when it comes to entertaining the general public, it is crucial to utilize only professional-grade laser show lights. These lights are not only dependable but also incorporate all the necessary safety features mandated by the law. Ignoring this requirement may lead to dire consequences that could significantly alter your life in an instant.
It is worth noting that the dissimilarities between non-professional and professional laser show lights extend beyond their price, size, or weight. The primary distinctions lie in their reliability, inclusion of functional laser safety features, and the exceptional quality of the final projection.