Full Color Rgb Laser System
Full Color Rgb Laser System
Full Color Rgb Laser System
Full Color Rgb Laser System
Full Color Rgb Laser System
Full Color Rgb Laser System

A3 Professionals Full Color Rgb Laser System Laser Shows Light

  • The A3 Series sky light outdoor laser level PRO IP65 is a high-power, professional laser system, ideal for lighting designers and event professionals operating in large-scale outdoor events, and medium-sized outdoor shows. It’s is a full-color RGB-based system with analog modulation, allowing you to produce a huge array of laser effects and color combinations.
  • Our A3 Series outdoor laser light projector 10,000~20,000mw output power; Full color RGB, with analog modulation;High speed scanning system for beam effects, graphics, logos and text ;Control via network, DMX, ArtNET, SMPTE timecode, and auto-mode.
  • A3 outdoor laser light show projector with integrated media server inside, can be controlled by QuickShow design software; strong IP65 protection grade enclosure; reasonable size, compact structure, light weight, easy to install; including all wiring and safety accessories.
  • The A3 series outdoor laser projector is also equipped with a high-speed optical scanning system, so it can project beautiful light beams and liquid sky effects, as well as laser graphics, text and logos. Built into a robust best laser level for outdoor use IP65 rated enclosure, the system is ideal for permanent installations and mobile events.
Model: A3-815D(15W 30KPPS)
A3-815D(15W 30KPPS)
A3-910C(10w 25KPPS)
A3-810C(10w 20KPPS)
A3-808B(8w 20KPPS)
A3-806B(6w 20KPPS)
A3-705A(5w 15KPPS)
A3-704A(4w 15KPPS)
A3-703A(3w 15KPPS)
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Item No. A3-815D A3-910C A3-810C A3-808B A3-806B A3-705A A3-704A A3-703A
Red Laser R4000mw/638nm R3000mw/638nm R3000mw/638nm R2000mw/638nm R2000mw/638nm R1200mw/638nm R1000mw/638nm R700mw/638nm
Green Laser G4500mw/520nm G3000mw/525nm G3000mw/525nm G2000mw/520nm G1500mw/525nm G1400mw/520nm G1400mw/520nm G800mw/525nm
Blue Laser B7000nw/450nm B4000nw/450nm B4000nw/450nm B4000nw/450nm B2500nw/450nm B2400nw/450nm B2000nw/450nm B1500nw/450nm
Scanning system 30kpps 25kpps 25kpps 20kpps 20kpps 15kpps 15kpps 15kpps
Full Color Rgb Laser System
DMX signal conduction prompt function