6 Head Moving Laser Lights
3in1 DMX Scanner For Stage Lights Media 1 of 3
3in1 DMX Scanner For Stage Lights Media 2 of 3

500mW*6 Head Moving Laser Lights 360° Free Swing RGB 3in1 DMX Scanner For Stage Lights

  • RGB 500mw*6PCS:(R:100mw G:200mw B:200mw)
  • Voltage: AC100-240V,50/60HZ
  • Scanning angle: ( Y axis 220, X axis 540)
  • Rotation angle: 270°
  • Rated voltage: AC90-240V,50-60Hz+10%
Model: G6-R500 (Red 500mw)
G6-R500 (Red 500mw)
G6-G80 (Green 90mw/515nm)
G6-B50 (Blue 500mw/450nm)
G6-W650 (RGB 500mw*6)
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Item No. G6-R500 G6-G80 G6-B50 G6-W650
Red Laser R500mw / / R500mw
Green Laser / G90mw/515nm / G500mw
Blue Laser / / B500mw/450nm B500mw
Scanning system / / / / /
6 Independent Moving Head DJ Laser Light
Multiple Modes
Power supply AC90-240V,50-60Hz+10%
Rated poweer max 200W
Laser power R500mw*6 or G80mw*6 or B500mw*6 or RGB300mw6
Laser modoulated signal TTL modulatior
Type oflaser imported semicluctor solid-state laser
Laser wavelength red 638+5nn,green 520+5nm, blue 450+5nm
Scanning angle ( Y axis 220, X axis 540) * 6pcs
Contro DMX512 signal control /self-walk/voice control/master-slavt
Suitable places show dacing hall, club, Bar and other enternta
Working environment indoo
Packing carton case
What is the beam effect of the NF-G6 laser lights?
The NF-G6 laser lights produces a variety of beam effects with RGB colors, which can create a unique visual experience. It has 6 independently moving heads, making the beam effect more diverse and dynamic.
How can I control the NF-G6 laser lights?
NF-G6 laser lights supports multiple control methods, including automatic mode, sound activation mode and DMX control. It provides 3 different DMX channel modes, namely 9CH, 20CH and 38CH, to meet the needs of different users.
What occasions are NF-G6 laser lights suitable for?
The NF-G6 laser lights is perfect for DJs, nightclubs, professional stage performances, or any occasion that requires stunning laser light show effects. Its diverse control methods and powerful beam effects make it ideal for all types of activities.
What are the incidental services for purchasing NF-G6 laser lights?
Purchasing the NF-G6 laser lights comes with a power cord and user manual. This product is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase.