6 Head Moving Laser Lights
3in1 DMX Scanner For Stage Lights Media 1 of 3
3in1 DMX Scanner For Stage Lights Media 2 of 3

500mW*6 Head Moving Laser Lights 360° Free Swing RGB 3in1 DMX Scanner For Stage Lights

  • RGB 500mw*6PCS:(R:100mw G:200mw B:200mw)
  • Voltage: AC100-240V,50/60HZ
  • Scanning angle: ( Y axis 220, X axis 540)
  • Rotation angle: 270°
  • Rated voltage: AC90-240V,50-60Hz+10%
Model: G6-R500 (Red 500mw)
G6-R500 (Red 500mw)
G6-G80 (Green 90mw/515nm)
G6-B50 (Blue 500mw/450nm)
G6-W650 (RGB 500mw*6)
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Item No. G6-R500 G6-G80 G6-B50 G6-W650
Red Laser R500mw / / R500mw
Green Laser / G90mw/515nm / G500mw
Blue Laser / / B500mw/450nm B500mw
Scanning system / / / / /
6 Independent Moving Head DJ Laser Light
Multiple Modes
Power supply AC90-240V,50-60Hz+10%
Rated poweer max 200W
Laser power R500mw*6 or G80mw*6 or B500mw*6 or RGB300mw6
Laser modoulated signal TTL modulatior
Type oflaser imported semicluctor solid-state laser
Laser wavelength red 638+5nn,green 520+5nm, blue 450+5nm
Scanning angle ( Y axis 220, X axis 540) * 6pcs
Contro DMX512 signal control /self-walk/voice control/master-slavt
Suitable places show dacing hall, club, Bar and other enternta
Working environment indoo
Packing carton case