NewFeel Animated Laser Beam F8
NewFeel Animated Laser Beam F8
NewFeel Animated Laser Beam F8

F8 Series 1W-5W RGB Animated Laser Light Projector Night Club Lights

  • Newfeel F8 Series 1- 5W provides entry-level light show lasers solutions, All systems are equipped with fast 15-20kpps scanners with analog/TTL modulation.
  • The F8 Series club laser lighting each projector comes with fast scanners for smooth projections. 128 patterns and animations are built in the motherboard. which makes the F8 show lasers suitable for various indoor laser show .
  • NewFeel has 13 years experiences in professional laser show machines, F8 was invented 6 years ago, after years of development, which make it stable quality! Idea for night club laser or some other entertainment places.
  • Our F8 nightclub lasers source: Full laser lights, stability, long service life.
  • F8 laser beam light design: There are power protection system devices, dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and a sealing system.
  • The F8 dmx laser made of analog/TTL laser modulation. Users can dimmer the laser brightness linearly to makes the laser light colorful.Can perform dynamic 3D beam laser show projector, animation performance, suitable for small size indoor laser show
  • stage lighting lasers graphics selection
  • (1) beam mixed: sheet, dircles, waves, boxes, points
  • (2) cartoon mixed: KTV, Halloween, Christmas, Wedding, Animals.
Model: F8-901A
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Item No. F8-901A F8-902A F8-903A F8-904A F8-905A
Red Laser R300mw/638nm R500mw/638nm R500mw/638nm R1000mw/638nm R1200mw/638nm
Green Laser G80mw/520nm G500mw/520nm G800mw/520nm G1000mw/520nm R1200mw/638nm
Blue Laser B800nw/450nm B1000nw/450nm B1500nw/450nm B2000nw/450nm B3000nw/450nm
Scanning system 15kpps 15kpps 15kpps 15kpps 15kpps
Newfeel F8 laser light
Newfeel F8 laser light
Input power AC90-240, 50-60HZ
Rated power max 200W
Laser power RGB1-5W
Laser category pure solid-state semiconductor laser, with high stability and long life.
Laser modulation analog modulation or TTL modulation
Laser beam divergence angle max 1.6mm
Beam divergence max 1.3mrad
Laser wavelength red 635 or 638±5nm, green 532 or 520±5nm, blue 450±5nm
Galvanometer scanning system 15KPPS galvanometer
Scanning angle of galvanometer ±25°; input signal ±5V; linear distortion <2%
Laser pattern 128 patterns and animations are built-in on the motherboard.
Control mode ILDA standard computer laser software/DMX512/sound control/self-propelled/master-slave
Control interface International ILDA DB25 interface (for an optional function, the cost is increased by RMB50), can be connected to general laser software such as Pangolin (Pangolin), and the international general DMX512 interface.
DMX channel 6/25CH
DMX special effects functions such as pen break, strobe, rotation, move, roll, split image, draw gradually, change color, change size, etc.
Suitable places small and medium-sized performances, bars and other places
Working environment indoor (minus 10 to minus 35 degrees)
Cooling system forced cooling by fan
Packing Carton case
What material is the F8 laser screen type of stage light product case?
It is a metal case with a metal bracket.
Would Newfeel F8 DJ lighting lasers light decoration for party work outdoor?
Yes, it would, but it is not waterproof.
If I am unhappy with the F8 Halloween laser lights stage light drawing, What can I do about it?
Hi, dear. Any questions, please do not worry, please send the Email to us First by your order ID and tell us what is problem, we will do our service for you, thank you much.
Can I use the Dmx controller to make Newfeel F8 Dmx laser-led stage light 3d patterns?
On the device itself or on the DMX controller.
How to set the F8 stage lasers gaming room lights to slave mode?
The mode button on the back.
Does the F8 laser show equipment concert stage light have an SD card slot to insert ilda files? Does the device also come with an SD card to change the mode on the computer?
You can choose different items when purchasing: normal configuration/with SD card/with FB4.