Best Remote Controlled Laser Lights Systems

Best Remote Controlled Laser Lights Systems

by Newfeel Ho on Jul 05, 2023

Whether you're an aspiring DJ, a talented musician, a popular YouTube, or a dedicated gamer, incorporating captivating visuals into your performances or content can leave your audience in awe. Today, we'll introduce you to one of the most impressive and user-friendly laser systems available on the market—the Newfeel Lasers Lasercube lazer light projector.
Until recently, high-quality, powerful, and colorful lasers were not easily accessible. They were typically large, cumbersome devices that required extensive expertise to operate. However, the Lasercube from Newfeel Lasers breaks this mold. It conveniently fits in the palm of your hand and can be effortlessly set up by almost anyone, anywhere. While it can be connected to complex control hardware, it also offers the convenience of connecting to your smartphone. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

NF-Laser LaserCube 3W Wifi Pro DJX Kit Features:

- Enjoy a true plug-and-play laser system experience.
- Effortlessly perform laser mapping and mapping tasks.
- Benefit from exceptional graphics rendering with minimal flickering.
- Seamlessly create laser show graphics and stunning beams.
- Instantly integrate digital signage without the need for laser technician experience.
- Elevate the visual appeal of style shots, music videos, and various other projects.
- Access a wide range of software options to suit your preferences.
- Harness the unique MIDI options, allowing you to control DJ software using lasers.

But who exactly is Newfeel Lasers?

Newfeel Lasers is a reputable name in the laser lights industry. Since their establishment in 2007, they have been at the forefront of handheld laser technology. Fast forward to 2021, and they have revolutionized the laser show industry by introducing the first-ever APP-controlled Mini Laser. Now, Newfeel Lasers offers a range of models that enable anyone to create breathtaking laser shows, which were once only accessible to party goers and DJ clubs. Their products cater to various individuals and industries, including DJs, bands, YouTube, gamers, Twitch streamers, photographers, video graphers, advertisers, marketing companies, and even for home use during Christmas lighting, home parties, and more.

Introducing the Newfeel Lasers Lasercube

So, what sets the Lasercube apart from other laser lights systems? We've already touched on a few points, but let's explore them further. First and foremost, its compact size is worth highlighting—the Lasercube measures only 4x4x4.4 inches and weighs less than 4 pounds. Want to set up a mesmerizing laser show on the side of a building or at a venue where you're performing? You can conveniently slip the Lasercube into your backpack and take it anywhere. It offers versatile mounting options, from the included mini tripod to camera mounts or lighting stands.
Moreover, the Lasercube boasts impressive power. While there are different models available (which we'll discuss later), each option delivers the necessary punch to cover large areas. In fact, demonstrations on the Lasercube website showcase its capabilities over hundreds of feet. However, lasers are equally effective in home studios.
Lastly, it's essential to emphasize the user-friendly nature of the Lasercube laser christmas lights . Connecting it to your smartphone unlocks a wide array of built-in features, including visualizers, effects, abstracts, animations, beam shows, freehand drawing, custom text, clock display, games, logo and animation import, and much more. With the Newfeel Lasers Lasercube lineup offering three fantastic models, let's delve into each of them.

Lasercube 4W Pad APP Control

First up, we have the base model—the Lasercube 4W laser christmas lights.
This option is the most affordable and has the lowest power among the lineup. However, don't let the term "lowest-powered" mislead you—this model still packs a respectable 3W dj lights.
It is an ideal solution for those seeking to add laser effects to their Twitch streams, home studios, and small to medium-sized events. Inside, you'll find laser diodes with outputs of 700mW blue, 300mW green, and 200mW red, creating a staggering palette of 16.7 MILLION colors. The built-in motors enable scanning at a rapid rate of 25,000.
points per second, ensuring smooth and clear images and animations. Additionally, it boasts a built-in battery that allows for 2-3 hours of unplugged usage—impressive.
While specifications are important, most users are primarily concerned about the end result. How can the laser be utilized, and what is it capable of? This is where the exceptional LaserZQshow app comes into play—and the best part is, it's free! Whether you choose to connect the Lasercube via WiFi to your phone or via an ethernet connection to your laptop, the LaserZQshow software significantly simplifies the process of creating a laser show. For those desiring a stunning background and ultimate ease of use, simply set it to "auto" mode and let it work its magic. If you intend to utilize the laser to attract followers or promote a product, easily upload your logo or image, and let the laser do the heavy lifting for you.
For those seeking a more immersive experience, there are countless designs, animations, and effects to choose from. Alongside the 100+ effects, the Newfeel Lasers Lasercube 4W dj lights allows you to display text, drawings, dances (yes, even Fortnite moves), and music-reactive abstracts. It can even live cast your webcam, rendering what it sees in real-time. And we mustn't forget the engaging piano and game modes it offers. This merely scratches the surface—there's a multitude of possibilities with the Lasercube. If you're a DJ or an artist, you can even connect the Lasercube to your tablet for added convenience.