Unleash Your Creativity With The Newfeel LaserCube: The Ultimate Laser Projector

Unleash Your Creativity With The Newfeel LaserCube: The Ultimate Laser Projector

by Newfeel Ho on Jun 30, 2023

Introducing the Newfeel LaserCube, an innovative and powerful RGB laser projector equipped with the latest WiFi wireless control and logic system (NEW). Designed for portability and ease of use, this cutting-edge device allows you to create mesmerizing laser shows wherever you go.
Experience the limitless possibilities of the Newfeel LaserCube as it displays breathtaking laser beam aerial effects. From stunning visualizers, beam effects, and abstracts to captivating animations, beam shows, hand drawings, custom text, clock displays, games, logos, and imported animations—the LaserCube offers it all. With its full-color capability, lightweight design, and the option to power it with batteries or through a wall outlet, this compact device is suitable for any show or gig.
Tailored to meet the needs of DJs, musicians, and live performers, the Newfeel LaserCube empowers you to create dazzling laser shows effortlessly. By utilizing the free Laseripad software and pairing it with an iPad or Android device, you can bring your creative visions to life within minutes. Unlock your imagination with the built-in features, stunning laser shows, and special laser beam effects. The Laseripad software is cross-platform compatible, allowing for seamless laser control on Android devices as well. Additionally, the user-friendly LaserZQshow interface ensures that laser operation is a breeze, catering to both beginners and professionals. Best of all, the Laseripad software is available as a free download exclusively for the Newfeel LaserCube Pro APP.

NF-Laser LaserCube 3W Wifi Pro DJX Kit Features:

- Enjoy a true plug-and-play laser system experience.
- Effortlessly perform laser mapping and mapping tasks.
- Benefit from exceptional graphics rendering with minimal flickering.
- Seamlessly create laser show graphics and stunning beams.
- Instantly integrate digital signage without the need for laser technician experience.
- Elevate the visual appeal of style shots, music videos, and various other projects.
- Access a wide range of software options to suit your preferences.
- Harness the unique MIDI options, allowing you to control DJ software using lasers.

Elevate your laser shows with user-friendly features:

1. Auto Shuffle Mode: No need to program the entire laser show. Customize your favorite apps, slideshows, and effects and let the autoplay feature shuffle them seamlessly.
2. Full Color Customization: Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors. LaserZQshow provides numerous color effects and fully customizable settings, including hue, saturation, and gamma, allowing you to achieve any shade you desire.
3. Visualize Your Voice: Let your laser show dance to the music effortlessly. LaserZQshow can automatically listen and respond to the audio, or you can manually set the beat per minute for a synchronized audio reaction effect.
4. Project Custom Logos and Images: Unleash your creativity by projecting custom logos and images. With LaserZQshow, you can easily load your own images or create a LaserZQshow-compatible SVG with a personalized logo or image.

Package includes:

- Power Adapter and Charging Cable
- USB to Ethernet Adapter
- Buttons
- Extra keys and antennas
- Microfiber cloth
- Safety chain
- SD card

Newfeel LaserCube offers something exciting for everyone:

- DJs: Utilize the Newfeel LaserCube as a MIDI controller.
- Musicians: Connect your MIDI instruments and explore a new realm of possibilities.
- Guitarists: Seamlessly integrate any electric guitar using the MiGiC plug-in.
- VJs: Achieve full compatibility with MIDI controllers and sync with the beat per minute (BPM) for a synchronized visual experience.
- Gamers: Enjoy a wide selection of retro arcade games.
-Artists: Create mesmerizing laser art masterpieces using the stylus.
- Professionals: Effortlessly create laser maps on various surfaces.
- Photographers: Enhance your photo shoots with captivating laser effects.

What is LaserZQshow?

LaserZQshow is a unique cross-platform laser control system that enables anyone to become a laser expert.
With its simple yet feature-rich interface, LaserZQshow provides easy access to beams, graphics, laser mapping, and summarization tools.
Within minutes, you can create extraordinary laser shows using nearly any Android device.

Why Choose Newfeel LaserCube?

- Experience a true plug-and-play laser system.
- Simplify laser mapping and mapping processes.
- Enjoy excellent graphics rendering with minimal flicker.
- Effortlessly display laser graphics and beams.
- Instantly incorporate digital signage without the need for laser technician expertise.
- Enhance visuals for style shots, music videos, and more.
- Explore a variety of software options to suit your preferences.
- Harness the unique MIDI options to control DJ software using lasers.
- Access multiple support communities.
- Compatible with Android devices.