Bluetooth Cell phone App DIY Animation RGB Laser light

Bluetooth Cell phone App DIY Animation RGB Laser light

by Newfeel Ho on Dec 31, 2021



Newfeel Laser's F2990 is the perfect choice for any performance or event, with various forms of laser lighting effects. Artists use laser scanning, darts and panning to create special lighting effects for audiences in parties, presentations or performances, because the lights move so fast that they can't see a beam of light, but can only see "special effects". DJs, mobile entertainers, theater companies, arcades, banquet halls and others can use animated lasers to create the atmosphere they need.
F2990 RGB laser light is also called "F2990 RGB laser projector". It is a device that projects changing laser beams in red, green and blue. Such a wonderful dynamic picture is very suitable for entertainment or professional use. These wonderful devices are mainly used in bars, small nightclubs, parties or private use. Some RGB laser lights are automatically controlled by the Bluetooth mobile phone APP, and some are in acoustic-optic mode. Let's talk about the sound and light mode.
As the name suggests, it is an F2990 RGB laser, the laser beam is synchronized with the music. The device can be individually aligned using a 4-point alignment system. This fact makes this laser suitable for all applications that must have many different tones and fades.
The above-mentioned laser is projected by the popular F2990 laser RGB. Crystal magic ball shape, high-quality aluminum, exquisite workmanship, durable, stylish appearance and stable performance. This rgb laser light supports automatic and voice control to increase convenience and make it suitable for effective lighting in gardens, ponds, swimming pools, balconies and outdoor areas. In addition, its price is only US$235! It's really a bargain, come and place your order!