NF-M series is 25Kpps 2W/3W RGB laser light

NF-M series is 25Kpps 2W/3W RGB laser light

by Newfeel Ho on Dec 31, 2021



NF-M NF-M series animation laser uses a high-speed optical scanner to create animation graphics, 256 beams of display and graphic display patterns, and has unique blanking, stereoscopic, rotating, moving, rolling, zooming (+/-), drawing and speed , etc. Function.
Most laser projector manufacturers use the term "KPPS" or thousands of points per second when defining optical scanning speed. Therefore, if you see specifications such as "20K, 30K, 40K, 60K, etc.", when you look at the speed of the laser, this is the speed your laser scanner can produce. Another reason that is as important as the speed of the optical scanning system is the specified angle. The best scanning angle for most laser projectors is 8°.
This standard was formulated by the International Laser Display Association, which is responsible for overseeing most laser specifications now on the market. We use 8° because this is usually the smallest scan angle you need to use in a real world scene. Most laser projectors have one to three laser modules (red, green, and blue) inside. Although the international standard provides up to 6 color channels to control up to 6 different color laser modules. The color of the laser module is determined by its wavelength and the laser diode inside. It is measured in nanometers (Nm). All 6 international standard colors are listed below. There are many different types of laser projection projectors and laser manufacturers on the market today. Trying to decide which brand, model, or type of laser projector you need can be stressful because the components of the laser directly affect the quality of the programs you can create.
In this laser projector buying guide, we will give you a wealth of insights on laser projector specifications to help you understand what to look for when buying or comparing laser projectors. The NF Laser show system has multiple power levels, and the total output power of the laser projector may be one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right laser system for your desired application. It should be noted that the overall "wattage" is not the only determinant of the apparent brightness of the laser. Laser power is usually specified in "watts (W)" or "milliwatts (mw)". For example, 1W = 1,000mw. Laser specifications can be deceptive, depending on how they are written, so you need to be careful and make sure that when you look at the marked power rating, you get the actual output power you need and are paying. When looking at different laser projection systems, the manufacturer usually does not give you the output power of the laser in the output window. This is the measured value of the power you will receive after outputting from the laser, not the power inside the laser. If you plan to perform an audience scanning laser show, it is very important to understand this. NF-M is designed to shoot stunning aerial effects, tunnels, fans, shapes and sheets, as well as simple custom graphics, logos, texts, etc., with maximum brightness covering your venue in a beautiful laser. More than 300 built-in shapes, patterns, layers, tunnels, fences, waves, graphics and animations. 70 degree scanning angle, 15Kpps optical scanner.