NF-FD720: A new revolution in stage lights

NF-FD720: A new revolution in stage lights

by Newfeel Ho on Mar 05, 2024

In today's stage lighting and event lighting field, the pursuit of excellence and innovative visual effects has become the key to success. Introducing NF-FD720, a double star pattern effect laser lights launched by Newfeel. It not only marks a major step forward in laser lighting technology, but also provides unprecedented lighting effects and operation convenience for stage artists and event planners.

Advanced features, unlimited possibilities

NF-FD720 laser lights has 532nm green light 80mw, 638nm red light 100mw and 450nm blue light 150mw, providing three distinct laser colors of red, green and blue. In addition, through the combination of these basic colors, it can also project more different color combinations and multi-color beams, presenting the fantasy world of colored lasers to the audience.

Diverse pattern library

NF-FD720 comes with 15 sets of pattern libraries and more than 1,900 unique patterns, including fan effects, wave effects, zoom in and out, point effects, flip effects and other animation effects. These rich patterns and effects make every performance unique and full of surprises.

Flexible control method

The diversification of control methods is another highlight of NF-FD720. It supports DMX-512, voice control, self-propelled, master-slave and remote control and other control methods, and has 34CHS channel mode. Whether you are a professional stage technician or an amateur, you can easily control it and create stunning light and shadow effects.

Double star pattern, double charm

The unique feature of NF-FD720 is its double star pattern effect. This innovative design greatly increases the coverage. The effect of buying one light is equivalent to two, which greatly enhances the visual impact and viewing ability of the stage.

Wide range of application scenarios

Whether it’s a family party, birthday, disco, karaoke, DJ party, holiday celebration, Christmas, Halloween, bar, stage, club or wedding, the NF-FD720 provides the perfect lighting solution to create a fantastic look for any occasion atmosphere.


NF-FD720 laser lights redefines the standard of stage lighting with its advanced functions, diverse control methods and unique double star pattern effect. It is not only a laser light, but also an artistic creation tool that every stage designer and event planner dreams of. Choose NF-FD720 and let us open a new chapter in light and shadow art.