Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Lights

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Lights

by Newfeel Ho on Aug 07, 2023

Are Laser Lights Safe?

Modern laser lights are considered entirely safe; however, like any intense light source, it is not recommended to stare directly into a laser beam. Approximately 30 years ago, legislation was introduced in various countries to prohibit the use of laser lights near or above live audiences due to safety concerns arising from misuse. Nonetheless, with advancements in technology, manufacturing, and safety awareness over the past three decades, these fantastic laser devices are now available to the general public without the need for special licenses or training.

How Does a Laser Work?

The term LASER stands for Light Amplification (by) Stimulated Emission (of) Radiation. Unlike a regular light bulb that emits light in all directions, lasers focus light into a single, monochromatic point through the emission of photons. This concentrated light is then converted into a precisely straight laser beam, which can be utilized in various applications.

Can Lasers Operate with DMX?

Yes, DMX technology allows you to connect different types of laser lights, giving you control over factors like color, movement, and intensity. Many impressive laser shows at concerts or events are orchestrated by skilled DMX technicians who specialize in programming such sequences.

What Sets Apart a Cheap Laser Unit from a Club or Installation Laser System?

Professional laser systems differ from their cheaper counterparts in several aspects, with the most noticeable difference being the output power rating. A professional laser light typically starts at around 500MW, which is five to six times more powerful than a typical small home or DJ unit. Higher power results in improved beam clarity and definition.
Moreover, more advanced systems designed for professional use often incorporate higher-grade diodes and servos, allowing for faster response times and greater precision in creating lines and shapes. They can even display multicolored moving images or graphics, programmable either onboard or through PC editing software using industry-standard ILDA transfer ports.
At Newfeel Laser, we offer laser lights suitable for various applications, whether you need one for DJing or home use, or a professional installation or setup.

Should I Buy a Party or Professional Laser?

The choice of whether to purchase a party or professional laser depends on your specific needs. Naturally, a small home laser wouldn't make a significant impact at an arena show with thousands of spectators. While it might be perfect for a house party or mobile disco, it could get lost in the grand scale of a professional stage production. Consider your intended use carefully before making a decision. It's essential not to compromise on the quality of your laser if you aim to put on a professional show.