Laser Shows: How to create a laser show on a rocky mountain

Laser Shows: How to create a laser show on a rocky mountain

by Newfeel Ho on Aug 14, 2023

A laser show, what exactly does it entail? The term is composed of "laser" and "show". "L.A.S.E.R." stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, a physics-based abbreviation conveying its literal meaning. On the other hand, "show" originates from English, signifying a presentation or performance. In essence, a laser show is an artificial display of light designed for entertainment. The duration of the laser show varies based on the theme, rendering each show distinct.
However, a laser show encompasses more than mere laser-generated light displays. A professional presentation evokes emotions, instills wonder, raises goosebumps, and transports individuals to different realms. While initially popular in discotheques, festivals, and concerts as eye-catching spectacles, laser displays have evolved. They now stand as premier attractions for diverse occasions or as pivotal components in multimedia events, often combined with LEDs, lasers, videos, performers, fireworks, and various forms of light. Over time, they have become essential tools for influencing desired emotional states.

Significance and Potential of Laser Shows

Laser shows prove invaluable for drawing attention, evoking positive sentiments, and leaving enduring impressions. With meticulous planning, programming, and alignment with the venue's conditions and client's desires, a laser show guarantees undivided attention. Its versatility is remarkable; it can be held almost anywhere. Advancements in technology have led to smaller, more portable, and more powerful projectors. Whether temporary or permanent, its applications are extensive and adaptable, offering a range of performances and possibilities.
Enumerating the Common Applications:
From automotive events, bowling centers, casinos, and entertainment hubs to theme parks, water parks, opening ceremonies, and televised broadcasts, lasers find their place. They shine in movies, video clips, corporate functions, hotels, concerts, festivals, and even government projects. Their uses span product launches, New Year's Eve celebrations, multimedia exhibitions, sports events, advertisements, and more.

Laser Show Varieties

Laser shows can be classified into graphic shows (projections) and beam shows. Graphic shows involve a sequence of images or animations. This includes classic 2D projections showcasing images in outlines or grids. High-end 3D graphics cater to specific industries like automotive or aerospace. The choice between laser power and viewer distance determines the suitable projection screen, ranging from PVC screens to water screens, gauzes, or architectural surfaces.
Beam shows plunge spectators into a realm of light. Laser beams traverse space, often enhanced with artificial fog or haze for visibility. These beams manifest as tunnels, circles, rectangles, and intricate figures, generating multicolored or monochromatic animations.
Graphic and laser displays can be held indoors or outdoors, suitable for various types and sizes of events or permanent setups.
Laser shows come in RGB (multicolor) and single colors. Achieving a perfect white balance in RGB is crucial for a professional light performance, showcasing vibrant beams and animations.
RGB stands for red, green, blue.
To achieve exceptional white balance, it's essential to select the right laser intensity and wavelengths.
The more precise the adjustment, the better the white balance and overall vibrancy of RGB colors.

Laser Show Safety Guidelines

a. Always maintain a safe distance from the laser output. Ensure others are also not in close proximity to the main beam.
b. Choose laser power that suits the venue size. Avoid high power levels during audience scanning.
c. During equipment setup, use minimal power to prevent accidental beam contact. Prevent unauthorized access to the system due to potential laser radiation.
Avoid direct or scattered laser radiation on skin or eyes. Refer to DIN EN 60825-1 for guidelines.

Benefits of Laser Shows

1.Laser light shows can discreetly blend into a stage scene yet captivate attention.
2.They can serve as stand-alone highlights with tailored animations, or as part of an entertainment program in single or multi-color.
3.Laser shows are versatile, appearing unique with every performance.
4.Professionally executed laser shows enhance events, accompanying the entire occasion or specific parts of the program.They can be presented traditionally or as part of a multimedia spectacle, offering a touch of something extra.

Laser Shows: Top 10 Tips for Professional Events

1. Thorough Planning: Preparation, both technological and human, is half the battle won.
2. Consider Local Factors: Take into account the local conditions and specificities.
3. Optimal Technology Choice: Carefully choose the best staging tech and equipment.
4. Pre-programming Shows: Determine the shows and consider any required programming.
5. Secure Laser Zones: Ensure laser areas are restricted to authorized personnel only.
6. Laser Safety Officer: Have an official laser safety officer on-site.
7. Adhere to Safety Standards: Follow relevant safety standards, including TUEV if necessary.
8. Inform Authorities: Notify appropriate authorities well in advance.
9. Test Safety Measures: Verify emergency-off buttons and scanners before the performance.
10. Smooth Dismantling: Plan for a safe and seamless dismantling process.

Technical Requirements for Laser Shows

Successful laser performances rely on technical reliability. Different systems and equipment can be used depending on the event. Essential technical considerations include:
- Laser Module Specs (power, color spectrum)
- Graphic Scanner Type and Specs (e.g., 60 kpps @ 8° ILDA for better projection)
- Scanning Approach (Single or Double Scanning)
- Number of Projectors (consider power requirements)
- Laser Show Software (for creation and presentation)
- Additional Equipment like smoke machine,Sparks and wind machine fan Consider the event conditions for more technical demands, ensuring sufficient power supply and electrical protection.
Enhance Laser Shows with Entertainment Elements
Combining entertainment elements like fireworks, videos, and more is possible. Safety regulations must be met, and events should occur in darkened rooms or evenings outdoors. Such combinations enhance the show's vibrancy and appeal.
Safety and Regulations
Shows typically use Class 3B and 4 lasers, potentially dangerous to eyes and skin. Follow legal conditions to prevent accidents:
- Notify Authorities of Projector Operation
- Obtain Approval from Safety Standards Authority
- Secure Projector Installation to Prevent Unauthorized Access
- Have an On-site Laser Safety Officer
Learn about legal conditions and laser safety officer obligations through courses covering "Laser Radiation" regulations.
The Future of Laser Shows
Modern trends demand more than stand-alone laser displays. They now merge with multimedia events, incorporating water fountains, fireworks, videos, and more. These combinations create captivating storyboards and backgrounds, redefining laser shows' impact.
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