Need cheap DJ lights? Here’s a list of affordable and quality DJ lights under 300$!

Need cheap DJ lights? Here’s a list of affordable and quality DJ lights under 300$!

by Newfeel Ho on Aug 01, 2023

Laser Lights are the heart and soul of any dj lighting show, setting the perfect atmosphere and captivating the crowd. However, finding budget-friendly dj lighting without compromising quality can be a challenge. In this list, we present you with an array of affordable and top-notch DJ lights, ensuring your performance shines bright without breaking the bank.

1.Lasers Black Cube - $155

The Lasers Black Cube M2 Series offers a remarkable solution for your DJ equipment needs. With its built-in Android APP, you gain remote control and the ability to customize your own logo. The dazzling array of colorful and flashing lights will captivate your audience effortlessly. This cube light is not just a mere lighting tool; it can also serve as a branding beacon for your DJ persona. Emblazon your name, a powerful social message, or your logo to leave a lasting impression on your fans. Take advantage of its charm even during online streaming to maintain a professional and original DJ booth appearance.

2.DJ Karaoke Strobe Laser - $220

A DJ lights list wouldn't be complete without a mesmerizing laser lights  like the F2550. These strobe laser lights add a touch of professionalism to your show without draining your wallet. Versatility is the key here – customize the flashing lights modes for various occasions. Whether it's a wedding, calling for a serene ambiance, or a lively birthday bash, these DJ lights can transform any space into a visual wonderland.

3. APP Control Laser Lights F2 Series - $230

If you're into smaller gigs but still want to make a memorable statement, the letter lightbox from the F2 Series laser lights offers a cost-effective way to dazzle your DJ table. Endless possibilities await you – promote your brand, share your social media handles, display a witty joke, or simply greet the crowd. This vintage-inspired lightbox, adorned with stylish little bulbs reminiscent of classic movie billboards, gives your setup a nostalgic yet fashionable vibe
As a DJ on a budget, there's no need to compromise on the quality and allure of your lighting equipment. These affordable DJ lights under $300 will elevate your performances, delight your audience, and leave a lasting impression. Enhance your show with these cost-effective lighting solutions and let your talent shine brightly in the limelight!

4.Night Star Laser Lights – $195: A Magical Atmosphere for Your DJ Set

Create a captivating and spiritual ambiance with our A1 series star lights - perfect for mellow and calm DJ sets. Let the room glow with a dreamy and magical aura. For a stunning combination, pair these laser lights with dynamic flashing lights that will complement each other beautifully.

5.LED Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Light – $140

Join the growing trend with NFSK series LED strip lights to adorn your DJ booth! Utilizing optical fiber, this flexible glass or plastic fiber transmits light from the source to a distant location. The core and cladding of the fiber trap light, enabling it to travel long distances, casting a mesmerizing glow over your DJ setup.

6.4 in 1 LED Strobe Light – $105: Timeless Classics with Versatile Control

Immerse your audience in a dynamic experience with the GHM-X410 LED Strobe Light. Choose from four control modes - voice control, self-propelled, Dmx512, and master/slave - adapting to different scenes with ease. Neon lights add a quirky and edgy vibe to your DJ table, ensuring your performance stands out. Plus, they're eco-friendly and budget-friendly with their energy-saving design.

7.Disco Ball Light – $100: Budget-friendly Sparkle for Small Gigs

Looking for NF-PE010 DJ lights without breaking the bank? Start with our affordable disco ball light. Ideal for small gigs and highly portable, you can place a couple of these rotating lights on each side of your table for the full dazzling effect. Enjoy an entrancing display while you focus on delivering an exceptional DJ set.
Affordable DJ Lights – Elevate Your DJ Table on a Budget!
When it comes to searching for professional DJ lighting prices, the numbers can be quite daunting. Those top-notch, impressive lasers require a significant investment, making it challenging for those on a tight budget. While lighting is undeniably crucial, it doesn't mean you should splurge all your money on a single flashy strobe light just because a famous DJ endorsed it in their sponsored IG post. Start small – with cost-effective DJ lighting.
Choosing budget-friendly DJ lights doesn't mean compromising on quality. Instead, you can create a unique and captivating atmosphere by combining different types of affordable lighting options. For instance, consider incorporating a reasonably priced DJ lighting from NewfeelLaser for branding on your table and adding a disco rotating ball to engage your audience. These smaller, affordable lights offer originality and a touch of quirkiness, adding character and charm to your DJ booth.