NewFeel Party Light Laser F2
F2 Series APP Control Club DJ Laser Lights Projector Christmas Stage Lights
F2 Series APP Control Club DJ Laser Lights Projector Christmas Stage Lights
NewFeel Party Light Laser F2
NewFeel Party Light Laser F2

F2 Series APP Control Club DJ Laser Lights Projector Christmas Stage Lights

  • The F2-Serie DJ laser light provides entry-level computer controllable laser light show projector solutions.
  • Newfeel F2-Serie Christmas laser light All systems are equipped with fast 20kpps scanners.
  • F2 laser projector light systems come with stand-alone, sound-to-light, DMX512, and RJ45 interfaces - so they can be used in stand-alone mode as well as within an existing DMX line - and for more professional use they are equipped with an ILDA interface for computer control.
  • The F2 Series show laser lights are equipped with 638nm red and 445nm blue laser lights and 532/520nm laser sources for full RGB. The idea for KTV private rooms, bars, clubs, Halloween laser lights, family party lights.
  • F2 Series Dmx calculator Laser source: high stability, long service life.
  • Our Newfeel outside party light can perform dynamic 3D beam, animation performance, suitable for small size indoor laser show.
  • F2 Series is an excellent party laser light that could play with auto mode and Music-activated mode, and DMX mode, we added Blue-tooth mode to meet the needs of customers who would like to add some DIY programs themselves, the App has only an Android version, for now, IOS not available yet.
  • Please go to FAQ to view the instructions for use of the F2 series laser light App.
  • Note: normal models do not have app control.
Model: F2750 (300mw)
F2750 (300mw)
F2780 (800mw)
F2800 (1.2W)
F2900 (2W)
F2990 (2.2W)
F2990+APP Control
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Item No. F2750 F2780 F2800 F2900F2990
Red Laser R100mw/638nm R100mw/638nm R300mw/638nmR500mw/638nm R500mw/638nm
Green Laser G80mw/520nm G80mw/520nm G80mw/520nmG500mw/520nm G500mw/520nm
Blue Laser B150nm/450nm B600nm/450nm B1000nm/450nmB1000nm/450nm B1000nm/450nm
Scanning system 15kpps 15kpps 15kpps15kpps 15kpps
Full-Color Animation Home dj laser light
Bluetooth App Control
Voice Control Sensitivity Digital Adjustment
F2 Series Laser Lights With Multiple Colors
Power supply AC90-240V,50-60Hz±10%
Rated power max 100W
Laser power RGB300-2000mw
Laser modulated signal analog or TTL modulation
Type of laser semiconductor solid-state laser
Beam diameter at the aperture max 6mm
Beam divergence max 1.3mrad
Scanning system 15-20KPPS high speed scanning
Control mode DMX512 signal control /self-walk/voice control/master-slave
Working environment indoor (-30~40 degrees)
Packing carton case
Does F2 series stage lighting laser need Dmx controller? Or does the Dmx controller only need additional custom controls/modes?
No, you can work independently
Newfeel F2 series stage laser lights can work without a Dmx controller. Is there an active sound mode?
Yes, it can also work without a DMX controller, and the sound activation mode works quite well in a small area, but I'm not sure how sensitive it is in a large room.
Is there any DMX control software program that has created a device configuration file for this laser?
No, the configuration file is not present and I cannot connect it to the panel. Need stitching.
Can you freeze it like a cheaper laser or pause it in the scanner?
Use DMX.
I have lost the F2 party laser light manual. Has anyone found it online?
Send a message to the seller, send the order number, and then the pdf will be sent to you.
Can the F2 series party projector laser be placed in your home?
This is an amazing unit. To answer your question directly, yes, I put mine in the living room. Like any laser system, you don't want to aim directly at people's eyes for a long time. The way is to point to the wall, ceiling, or floor.
Are there different color settings for F2 series laser lights?
Yes...colors and patterns
How to install the F2 laser light using the Bluetooth app?
There is a download QR code on the purchased product manual or click this link to download, the specific operation video can be found on Youtube Link:Click here
Can I check out more videos about the F2 laser light?
Of course, this is a collection of Youtube videos of our F2 laser lights: Click here