Use of stage lasers lights

Do you know how many uses there are for stage lasers lights?

by Newfeel Ho on Feb 20, 2022

Do you know how many uses there are for stage lasers lights?

Discover 10 ways to use Newfeel lasers lights for everyone from mobile DJs and bars to nightclubs and outdoor events. We stock DJ and disco lasers lights, including RGB lasers, 3D lasers, graphic lasers, and more.

Party lasers lights effect(1~5W lasers lights is suitable for small party lights)

NewFeel Party lasers lights
Party lasers lights work by casting bright light and look great when paired with a fog machine. There are two options, the first is multi-point. Multi spot lasers work by splitting the laser beam into hundreds of small spots. Depending on the laser model, it can twist, turn, rotate, and change color. Another type of laser sees the beam moving quickly to create pictures, patterns and animations. And the "wave" effect that is favored throughout the air. Create captivating lighting effects while maintaining the pattern projected on the wall or floor. Making it an absolute must for any respectable mobile DJ rig.

Car Laser mapping effect(10~20W Suitable for lasers lights painting on car surface)

NewFeel Car Laser mapping effect
It is not difficult to find that more and more auto shows and conferences are now using the drawing function of 3D laser projectors. Our lasers lights can be customized according to the size of your car with computer software. Suitable laser drawing lines and patterns, it can It can be dynamic or static, and the color can change according to your needs. This DIY painting function can be used not only on cars, but also on any surface according to your needs, such as houses, trees, ground, water, sky , and mountains.

The effect of lasers lights on an art exhibition(Suitable for 3~10w laser light)

NewFeel Lasers lights show
In recent years, many of our customers have used art lasers lights to decorate their technology exhibitions. They will irradiate lasers lights on their products and add a little fog to make the products look more sci-fi. Some Laser artists like to use lasers lights to look down on objects and models from top to bottom. Whether they are watching live or taking pictures, they will make you feel dreamy and incredible. This mode can also change the effect of the light with the rhythm of the music.

The effect of lasers lights shows at a Disney amusement park(20~40W lasers lights shows is suitable for the playground)

NewFeel Lasers lights show
If you stay at Disneyland at night, you must go to see the lasers lights shows at the castle. The lighting engineers will use lasers lights to project a very dreamy effect on the surface of the castle, and with music, you will feel like you are in Disney In the world of animation, the lighting engineer will use multiple lasers lights and projection lights to make the castle look brand new, as if the castle is alive.

The effect of outdoor lasers lights on building landmarks(80~120W can be applied to landmarks)

NewFeel Outdoor lasers lights
The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is located in Marina Bay. It consists of three hotel buildings connected in a series. There is a spectacular sky garden at the top. The top of the tower is followed by several outdoor lasers lights, which will start at 8 o'clock in the evening. Water mist laser show, you need to call for a specific time. At the top of many landmark buildings, high-power waterproof outdoor lasers lights will be used. When night falls, it will show a beautiful light and become a landscape of the whole city. After watching the laser show, you will find that the world is beautiful. Life seems to be full of wireless possibilities and hopes.

Water mist effect of outdoor waterproof lasers lights(40~80W suitable for water mist laser show)

NewFeel Outdoor lasers lights
On the lakes in many cities, there will be musical water mist performances. In more and more water mist performances, lasers lights are used as the lighting effect of the finale of the water mist lasers lights show. This is indeed the case. Most of the water mist performances use The main lighting effect is the moving head light, but the moving head light cannot make a 3D dynamic effect, but the lasers lights can achieve this effect very well. You can imagine the magnificent music with the effect of a large 3D laser pattern. will surprise you.

The effect of lasers lights on the island(80~100W suitable for laser show on seaside island)

NewFeel Outdoor lasers lights
If you are lucky enough to encounter a beach with high power lasers lights, it will make you subvert your impression of the seaside night. What is your impression of the sea at night? Dim, endless, bottomless, maybe a little scary? If you add a lasers lights, you will find that the sea seems to be a magical world that will glow beautifully. When the lasers lights shines on the beach not far away, playing cheerful music, will you involuntarily follow the music and lights with you? My friends dance and take pictures together. I believe that I will hold a laser show on the beach, which will make you very successful and liked by everyone.

Using lasers lights to show the effect of the Northern Lights(20~80w laser show for Northern Lights)

NewFeel Lasers lights show
Do you have to go to the North Pole to see the Northern Lights? Not really, it's right there with you. In recent years, many lighting artists have set up tours of the Northern Lights with lasers lights in various places. All you need is a large lasers lights, a large fog machine, and a large venue. You can watch the colorful Northern Lights on the spot, search for it, and say maybe not far from your home.

DIY advertising slogans you need with lasers lights(5~20w is suitable for the display of advertising slogans)

NewFeel DIY Lasers lights show
Just use the software to set it on the computer, you can even set the laser slogan and laser LOGO you need, you can play it in a loop according to your needs, jump with the rhythm of the music, flash or rotate the effect you set.

The effect of Lasers lights on the concert(20~40w can be used for medium and large concerts)

NewFeel DIY Lasers lights show
In major tour concerts, you can find the existence of lasers lights, and since last year, more and more lasers lights have been added to stage performances, and there are even large-scale laser music festivals and electronic music festivals.
Do you know how to use several lasers lights? Please contact me and let me know, I will include your case in my article and sign your name.