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Types of stage laser lights and precautions for purchase

by Newfeel Ho on Feb 20, 2022

Nowadays, lasers lights are often seen in stage lights performances, especially in large-scale party lights performances and bar theatrical performances. The appearance of lasers lights makes the entire stage more modern and technological. The lasers lights generates a light beam through a krypton lamp and a crystal rod, and after frequency conversion, it can form visible light. It can also use the computer to control the high-speed deflection of the galvanometer to form characters and patterns of various shapes.
The characteristics of laser lights are many colors, strong brightness, good directivity, long range, easy manipulation, etc., various effects change, look gorgeous and colorful, and can be used in various places.

Newfeel stage lights will tell you about the types of lasers lights and the precautions for purchase.

Types of laser lights

The types of laser lights can be divided into two types in terms of scanning.
1. The first is a simple beam scanning lasers lights, and its effect is just some simple beam effects.
NewFeel Types of laser lights
2. The second is the galvanometer scanning laser light, which is a laser light with text animation artistic effect. The galvanometer scanning laser projector can be divided into a low-speed galvanometer scanning laser projector of about 10Kpps and a high-speed medium and high-speed text > 30Kpps Animated laser lights.
NewFeel Types of laser lights

Matters needing attention when purchasing lasers lights:

1. Pay attention to the power of the lasers lights and the diameter of the spot The brightness of the lazer lights is very high. The greater the power, the stronger the light produced. Too strong beams are harmful to human eyes and skin.
When the spot diameter of the lazer lights is less than 2mm and the power is greater than 100mw, the stationary green laser beam directly hits the eyes or the skin, and the human eyes and skin will be burned and damaged.
2. Direct contact with stationary laser beam disco lights should be avoided
When the lasers lights is performing, the laser beam has been scanned and dispersed, the power per unit area has been reduced, and the damage to the human eye has also been reduced.
However, if the circuit or the scanning galvanometer fails, the laser beam may remain stationary during the scanning process. If your eyes happen to touch the laser beam, it will cause vision loss or blindness.
Now many manufacturers have introduced the "laser scanning out-of-control protection" function. When purchasing products, choose a laser light with this function. When the laser beam stops scanning unexpectedly during the normal scanning process, the lasers lights will turn on the protection system and automatically turn off immediately.
NewFeel laser lights

The degree of dust proof sealing of the laser lam

The optical reflection lens in the laser lamp affects its brightness and reflection efficiency. If it is not carefully packaged and dustproof measures are not done well, it is easy to be contaminated by dust and oil, polluting the lens, and then reducing the reflection efficiency and brightness, and the effect is not good. obvious.
If the lens is cleaned frequently, it will cause damage to the reflective film. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a laser lamp with good dust-proof measures. When purchasing, observe whether there is a dust-proof glass at its laser output port. At the same time, you should also pay attention to regular inspections.