10W RGB LaserMan
10W Laser Man
10W RGB LaserMan
10W RGB LaserMan
10W RGB LaserMan
10W RGB LaserMan
10W RGB LaserMan
10W RGB LaserMan

10W RGB LaserMan Laser Show Club Bar Stage Dj Laser Light

  • Performers can skillfully manipulate laser beams and moving head laser lights for dynamic, interactive effects.
  • The built-in Pangolin FB4 software allows for customizable laser light shows with complex patterns, animation laser light effects, and 3D visuals.
  • Equipped with 10-watt DJ lasers and single-beam lasers, it supports various performances, creating mesmerizing laser light shows and dynamic lighting effects.
  • RGB analog modulation full-color technology and green and blue laser beams provide vibrant, captivating visuals for an immersive experience.
Model: NF-XMAN
Power: 10W
Scanning: 40K
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Item No. NF-XMAN
Rated Power 220V 60W
Operating voltage 90 to 230V 50-60Hz
Laser wavelength RGB
Module RGB10W
Stage Laserman Show
10-watt X-Laserman 3D Show
R 3W/638nm
G 3W/520nm
B 4W/445nm
Rated Power 220V 60W
Operating voltage 90 to 230V 50-60Hzt
Laser wavelength RGB
Disvergence 1.2mrad,size at aperature: 5*5mm
Scanning System 40K
Module RGB10W
Cooling mode Fan
product size 31.5*34.5*31.2cm
weight 13kg
carton packaging size 41.5*44.5*41.2cm
weight 14kg
Aircase packaging 48x38x41cm
weight 15KG
What makes the Stage Laserman Show unique?
The Stage Laserman Show stands out due to its manual operation and interactive nature. The performer skillfully manipulates laser beams, creating stunning effects like "holding" and splitting light, which captivates audiences and brings the laws of physics to life. The integration of moving head laser lights enhances the dynamic visual experience.
How do I control the NF-XMAN laser lights?
The NF-XMAN laser lights are controlled using the built-in Pangolin FB4 software, which allows users to design and manage highly customized laser shows via a computer or directly on the device. You can preset complex laser patterns, animation laser light effects, and 3D effects for precise on-site control, making it ideal for creating intricate laser light shows.
What types of laser show effects can the NF-XMAN laser lights provide?
The NF-XMAN laser stage lighting is equipped with 10-watt DJ lasers and multiple single-beam lasers. It supports a variety of laser performances, including manually operated beams and high-tech three-dimensional effects surrounding the performer. Its RGB analog modulation full-color technology produces vibrant and colorful visuals, perfect for creating mesmerizing laser shows and stunning lighting effects.
Can the Laser Dancing Show be customized for different events?
Yes, the Laser Dancing Show can be tailored to suit various events. With dynamic choreography and RGB laser lights, we can adjust the performance to match the theme and music of your event. This flexibility makes it perfect for parties, corporate events, and more, utilizing laser light projectors and party lighting lasers to create captivating visuals. The inclusion of laser designs and holiday projector effects adds a special touch to themed events.