Newfeel 260W Supper Beam Light
Newfeel 260W Supper Beam Light
Newfeel 260W Supper Beam Light
Newfeel 260W Supper Beam Light
Newfeel 260W Supper Beam Light

260w Supper Beam Moving Head Lights Dmx Controller Dj Lighting Equipment

  • 260w 9R Beam Moving Head is a effects lights with a six-color prism, which offers 13 different colors and 13 gobos, allowing you to change the shape of the beam and create an array of spectacular mid-air effects lights.
  • With light weight and modest footprint, it is small enough to be fitted anywhere, such as on trusses at live and TV events, on stage, in showrooms, or in conference rooms.
  • Use a three-phase motor to make it move faster.
  • Touch screen.
  • Overlapped effect of double prisms.
  • Rainbow effect and frost effect.
  • Application: concert, bar, dance hall, entertainment place and so on.
  • Intelligent control panel with LCD touch screen for easy setting.
  • Working mode: DMX512, Master-slave mode, Sound activated mode, Sync, Stand-alone mode, Auto mode.
  • The gobo wheel with six 360-degree rotating metal gobos and one glass gobo.
  • The zoom function could make the beam effect diffuse bigger and clearer.
  • 16 Prism can project more refined gobos and more different beam effects for magical viewing enjoyment. Perfect for ballroom, KTV, party, or other entertaining places.
Model: NF-260 (Ocean shipping)
NF-260 (Ocean shipping)
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Item No. NF-260
Light source 260W bulb
Pan(X axis)/Tilt(Y axis) 540°/190°, (16bit)
DMX channel 18 CH
Static Gobo 13 gobos+ white
All lenses are anti-reflection coated.
Fast Pan and Tilt movement with 3 phase motors
Power supply 110V-240V/50-60Hz
Light source 260W bulb
Pan(X axis)/Tilt(Y axis) 540°/190°, (16bit)
Control model DMX512, Master/slave, sound active, auto run
DMX channel 18 CH
Color wheel one color wheel, 13 kinds of color chips + white
Static Gobo 13 gobos+ white
Effect Wheel two Effect prism,one Rotation 16- prism,one Rotation 48- prism effect move , Bi-directional rotation one seven color wheel
Housing materil plastic + Aluminum
This is a 260 Watt discharge lamp, correct? Does it have a prism and frost?
Yes they do 9R
is it one or two lights?
2 lights in one box, and each one includes a short DMX cable.
Are these lights bright enough to see the beams when fog is present and other stage lighting is present or does the stage need to be completely dark?
These are fairly dim when compared to other lightings such as mid-sized Kitna or stationary spots. When used alone, the project in light to medium density fog around 25-30 feet. I do all of the lightings for our large church in which we use professional-grade and sized equipment. I use these for my home Christmas laser show which works just fine. They are DMX enabled and I do run them through my DMX software. Again, small venue, a small DJ gig, or a small club venue you will be o.k. Anything larger, they will not produce probably as you would like. One more thing, they do have a nice set of GOBO and the auto feature is somewhat programmable if you are going to operate outside of DMX. The sound activation is fairly robust and stays in tempo fairly well. I just needed something cheap for a couple of dramatic effects for the met Outdoor laser light show. It does what I need it to do. Hope this helps and blessings to you and Merry Christmas!
Do these work with DMX?
Yes it does. Works pretty well actually. I think it has a simplified 5-channel option and completely customizable 18 DMX channel options.
Do these have a frost filter to make it a wash light?
no frost filter