NewFeel Laser Light Projector F1066
NewFeel Laser Light Projector F1066
NewFeel Laser Light Projector F1066

F1066 Series 4 Head Stepper Christmas Laser Lights Disco Lights For Party

  • The brand-new F1066 DJ light laser 4 lens is available in green, red, purple, and yellow. These 4 tuner beams can emit more than 100 laser patterns and combine them into more than 300 light effects. The ser beam can emit more than 100 laser patterns and combine them together. More than 300 lighting effects.
  • Our F1066 series DPSS laser: adopts a green laser with stable output and long service life.
  • F1066 RGB laser supports Stage lights provide 4 control methods. 1-DMX512 mode: This stage light has 7 channels, which can be controlled by DMX. 2-Automatic mode: automatic color, colorless, random. Three master-slave modes: Allow multiple units to be connected together and work in automatic or sound active mode without a console. 4-sound activity mode: just follow the music to change the color and speed.
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  • Newfeel stage laser lights F1066 in the sound activation mode, there is an LED on the device panel to indicate sound activation. When the music stops, the device will turn off after 8 seconds.
  • F1066 Disco LED lights are suitable for all scenes: birthday parties, pool parties, disco parties, dance parties, holidays, weddings, KTV, DJ, bars, rooms, nightclubs... can also be used as night lights or relaxing lights.
Model: F1066
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Item No. F1066 F1066C F2066 F2066A
Red Laser R100mw/650nm*2 R100mw/650nm*2 R100mw/638nm*2 R100mw/638nm*2
Green Laser G60mw/532nm G80mw/532nm G80mw/532nm*2 G80mw/532nm*2
Blue Laser / B150mw/450nm B100mw/450nm*2 B100mw/450nm*2
Scanning system / / / /
Christmas Laser Lights Applications
Easy to install and easy to carry
Power supply 110V-220V/50-60HZ
Input Power 40W
Laser power 80mW/520nm Green, 100mW/650nm Red, 150mW/450nm Blue
Laser color RG or RGBY or RGB
Scanning system high-precision stepper motor scanning system, large-angle scanning
Control mode DMX-512, voice control, self-propelled
Channel mode 5CHS
Cooling system forced cooling by fan
inner size 700X250X180mm inner
Gross weight 4.7KG
Outsourcing size 720X530X410mm 4 pieces Outsourcing
Gross weight 23.5KG
Working environment indoor (10-35°)
Which program needs to be manually controlled?
Any DMX program should work. Just set the DIP switch to the desired address.
Can you install this device on a portable stand? Will it be a problem if I turn it upside down and use the stand?
According to my experience, it can be installed in any direction
Is there a protective lens on the front of the F1066 series laser projector? After the first use, I found that my lens has no protective lens
I don't think so. Neither did mine. I suspect that if there are them, they will interfere with the beam.
Can F1066 party laser light be used outdoors?
Yes, it can be used outdoors, but if you live in a high humidity area or expect to rain, please put it indoors or make sure to cover it with some kind of plastic or other things that will not be exposed to the air. Humid environment, because it will damage the internal components, but it can definitely be used outside.
Who can share the user manual with me? Or share the dmx input channel of this fixture? Trying to determine if it is what I want and can't find it.
Hello friends, our product webpage can directly download these PDF materials.
Can I buy a blue replacement light for the F1066 party laser equipment? I have an old one, and the light is dimming.
Please contact us within the order, we will help you solve this problem.