NewFeel Party Laser Lights F2022
NewFeel Party Laser Lights F2022
NewFeel Party Laser Lights F2022

Newfeel F2022 Two Eyes Stepper Motor Party Laser Lights

  • F2022 2 eyes stage laser light compared with other similar products, this party light has a background function. It has 2 lenses and RGB backgrounds, capable of producing more than 100 images and creating a wonderful stage atmosphere with different laser color combinations and multi-colored beams.
  • Our F2022 laser Christmas light projector includes Christmas trees, notes, geometrical figures, etc. Apart from the rich built-in patterns and effects. It has grating effects that could create a romantic atmosphere as rain or star falls as well. For its stable quality, additional effects, it is well accepted in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa.
  • The Newfeel F2022 small stage light has multiple work modes: DJ lights have four working modes: master-slave mode, sound control mode (changes with the rhythm of music), dmx (editable chase program), and automatic mode (light color changes automatically to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere). Whether you are a professional DJ or a novice, you can easily operate it.
  • F2022 stage floodlight is easy To Install: With adjustable brackets and screws, DJ disco lights can be installed on T-truss, ceilings, stage bars, or just put party lights on the ground, with a digital display for easy control of the laser lights. Stage lights are suitable for parties, discos, bars, skating rinks, banquets, family gatherings, weddings, public squares, DJs, hotels, KTV and concerts, and other entertainment venues.
Model: F1022
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Item No. F1022F1022DF2022
Red Laser R100mw/650nm / R100mw/638nm
Green Laser G60mw/532nm / G80mw/532nm
Blue Laser / B1000mw/450nm B150mw/450nm
Scanning system / / /
F2022 RGB high-precision stepping motor scanning system
Operating Voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Input Power 40W
Laser power Green 80mw/520nm; Red 100mw/650nm; Blue150mw/450nm
Laser color RG or GB or RGB
Scanning system 1.8° High precision stepper motor scanning system
Laser pattners 25pcs
Effects Full sky star spot and small pattern
Control mode DMX512; sound active; auto run
Control channels 6/10CHS
Working environment indoor (10-35) °
Cooling system fan
Really need the F2022 party light manual. No dmx list provided
You can download it directly from the product page, or contact us through the email address in the order (, and we will send you a new manual.
Which program needs manual control?
Any DMX program should work. Just set the DIP switch to the desired address.
Can you install this device on a portable stand? Will it be a problem if I turn it upside down and use the stand?
According to my experience, it can be installed in any direction.
Is there a protective lens on the front of the F1066 series laser projector? After the first use, I found that my lens has no protective lens.
I don't think so. Neither did mine. I suspect that if there are them, they will interfere with the beam.
Can the F2022 laser projector be used outdoors?
Yes, the Newfeel F2022 projector laser light can be used outdoors, but if you live in a high humidity area or expect to rain, please put it indoors or make sure to cover it with some kind of plastic or something that will not Expose to the air. Humid environment, because it will damage the internal components, but it can definitely be used outside.
Who can share the user manual with me? Or share the dmx input channel of this fixture? Trying to determine if it is what I want and can't find it.
Hello friends, our product webpage can directly download these PDF materials.
Can I buy a blue replacement lamp for my household F2022 laser light? I have an old one, the light has dimmed.
Please contact us within the order, we will help you solve this problem.