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RGB Laser Lights
RGB Laser Lights
RGB Laser Lights

Newfeel NF8 Series 3/5/8W RGB Laser Lights Sound Activated Mode

  • Unmatched Visual Effects: Experience the mesmerizing power of the Newfeel F8 DJ laser lights. With dual RGB FAT BEAM effects, create stunning laser color combinations for a captivating laser light show.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Link multiple F8 units effortlessly for synchronized laser light displays. Ideal for stage laser lights, laser lights for parties, and outdoor laser light events.
  • Superior Performance: Featuring 32 built-in patterns, including "Animation Laser" effects, the F8 laser projector delivers sharp visuals.
  • Versatile and Easy to Use: With programmable pan, tilt, and zoom effects, the F8 offers endless creativity. Ready out of the box for DJ laser lights, stage shows, or as laser lights for home setup. Lightweight and easy to install, it ensures an unforgettable laser light display.
  • Elevate your events with the Newfeel F8 DJ laser light today!
Model: F8-701A (1W)
F8-701A (1W)
F8-702A (2W)
F8-705A (5W)
F8-708A (8W)
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Item No.F8-701AF8-702AF8-703AF8-704AF8-705A
Red LaserR300mw/638nmR500mw/638nmR600mw/638nmR1000mw/638nmR1200mw/638nm
Green LaserG80mw/520nmG500mw/520nmG800mw/520nmG1000mw/520nmG1400mw/520nm
Blue LaserB800nw/450nmB1000nw/450nmB1600nw/450nmB2000nw/450nmB2500nw/450nm
Scanning system 25kpps 25kpps25kpps25kpps25kpps
Ideal for DJ Laser Light Shows
Versatile for Many Applications
Power supply AC110/220V, 50-60Hz±10%
Rated power max 200W
Laser power RGB1-5W
Laser modulated signal analog or TTL modulation
Type of laser imported semiconductor solid-state laser
Beam diameter at the aperture <6mm
Beam divergence max 1.3mrad
Laser wavelength red 635 or 638±5nm, green 532 or 520±5nm, blue 450±5nm
Galvanometer scanning system 15-40KPPS high speed scanning
Control mode international standard ILDA control /DMX512 signal control /self-walk/voice control/master-slave
Control interface international ILDA DB25 interface, international DXM512 , can connect with American pangolin laser software and tiger, pearl, MA controller,etc.
Safety function one beam protection, no signal to close the light, etc
Suitable places show,dacing hall, club, Bar and other enterntainment venues
Working environment indoor (-30~40 degrees)
Packing carton case
What is the difference between NF8, 3W and 5W laser lights?
3W and 5W refer to the power level of the laser light. 3W and 5W directly indicate the output power of the laser light. The higher the power, the brighter the laser beam, which is suitable for larger places or applications that require stronger lighting effects.
How should I choose stage laser light?
When choosing a stage laser light, consider its beam effect, pattern complexity, color variety, and whether it can be synchronized to the rhythm of the music. The output power of the laser lights should also be considered to ensure it meets the size of your venue and the desired visual impact.
What should I pay attention to when purchasing NF8, 3W or 5W laser lights?
When purchasing laser lights, it is important to consider the size of the venue and the desired visual impact. It is also critical to purchase from a reputable supplier that ensures the laser light meets safety standards and provides appropriate after-sales service.