Newfeel Waterproof  Moving Head Light
Newfeel Waterproof  Moving Head Light
Newfeel Waterproof  Moving Head Light

DJ equipment Waterproof SuperBeam 440W 17R Moving Head Lights

  • NF-WF 440W 17R Phillips Lamp Waterproof Beam moving head lights Super Bright in 10 Meter IP65 strobe light for Large-Scale Outdoor Event strobe light.
  • High Brightness 440W 17R Outdoor Waterproof Beam Moving Head Lights
  • Color Wheel: Adopt imported high color temperature color filter, 11pcs colors+open, half-color, and rainbow effect; Fixed Gobo Wheel: 14pcs fixed metal gobos+open, bidirectionally shaking; Prism Wheel: 1pc 8-facet prism, bidirectionally rotating at variable speed; Rainbow Prism: Adopt imported 7 colors filters, make colorful beams
  • Pan: 540°rotation, 8/16 bit adjustment; Tilt: 270°rotation, 8/16 bit adjustment.
  • Control Mode: DMX512, with the RDM function, remotely set the address code via a large DMX512 controller.
  • Color Wheel: Adopt imported high color temperature color filter, 11pcs colors+open, half color, and rainbow effect.
  • Fixed Gobo Wheel:14pcs fixed metal gobos+open, with bidirectionally shaking, flowing water effect.
  • Rainbow Prism: Adopt imported 7 colors filters, it can achieve one beam of colorful effect or multiple beams of colorful effect.
  • Fixture Material: High hardness heat dissipation aluminum profile, flame-retardant anti-aging high-temperature engineering PVC, adopt outdoor imported fine sand spraying technology, anti-UV treatment, anti-aging, high temperature, long service life.
  • Cooling System: Adopt imported fans (Japan), the chip controls the fan speed, the original heat dissipation structure, cooperation with the radiator shell, and the long time of outdoor use.
  • Feature: It can be programmed independently via LCD display, master and slave lights are running synchronously without controller operation landscapes, etc.
Model: NF-WF260 (Ocean shipping)
NF-WF260 (Ocean shipping)
NF-WF350 (Ocean shipping)
NF-WF380 (Ocean shipping)
NF-WF440 (Ocean shipping)
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Item No. NF-WF260NF-WF350NF-WF380NF-WF440
Power 260W 350W380W440W
Beam angle 2 ° 2 ° 2 ° 2 °
Channel 16 channels 16 channels 16 channels 16 channels
Waterproof rating IP65IP65 IP65IP65
IP65 waterproof, small size, strong strobe light, stable quality.
Easy to install and carry
Power supply 110V-240V 50-60Hz
Light source system Phoenix 20R 440W
Color wheel Color wheel: 13 + open + rainbow effect + frost function
Pattern wheel 13 fixed patterns +1 open
Control channel 16 channels
Focusing electric focusing
Linear dimming curve 0% -100% linear dimming
Beam angle 2 °
Channel 16 channels
Lens diameter 145mm
Waterproof rating IP65
Control mode DMX 512, auto-run, master-slave self-propelled
Can this NF-WF-led clubspot lighting plug into a regular household 110V outlet?
Yes. Just the regular household 110V outlet could support over 350W is ok.
Has anyone got some good instructions on how to set NF-WF Dmx 512 DJ lights up?
Please contact us by email, we will send you an e-edition user manual for your reference.
Works like searchlight?
Yes, a 350W led stage lighting waterproof beam moving light DJ lights works like a searchlight.
How do I unlock the gobo light projector led panel?
Hi, you don't need to unlock the led panel, just turn on the power, the LED panel will light up, and you can set it.