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by Newfeel Ho on Dec 04, 2022

With the increasing prosperity of the international cultural performance industry and the improvement of technological innovation as well as the development of domestic manufacturers, the stage lighting industry is booming. In recent years, lighting companies have developed rapidly, and have made great progress in the quantity and variety of lamps, performance functions, manufacturing processes, quality levels, and testing methods. More and more important evening parties and sports events use domestic lighting, just as the lighting for the opening ceremony of the Youth Olympic Games has achieved 100% localization, indicating that the development level of lighting in my country is synchronized with the international level.

For 15 years, what has NewFeel stage lighting manufacturer focused on?

NewFeel Laser has been focusing on the research and development, production, sales, and service of stage lighting laser and LED equipment for 15 years, and has become a leader in the DJ equipment stage lighting industry. Today, with the development of intelligent DJ equipment stage lighting and the maturity of laser and LED light source technology, the entire stage lighting, and stage design lighting art industry has entered a new era.
NewFeel stage lighting equipment manufacturers DJ equipment for sale has adjusted the product structure and research and development direction of DJ lights stage lighting in response to this new development trend in the market. With intelligent stage lighting and laser and LED light sources as the core, vigorously develop the intelligent stage represented by computer moving headlights. Lamps, stage lights with laser and LED light sources as the core, outdoor lighting fixtures for cultural and tourism stage lighting equipment. At the same time, the intelligent and high-power stage lighting of the laser projector and LED lights is also the core advantage of NewFeel.

In the new 2022, how will the NewFeel lighting store near me better serve customers?

At the new starting point in 2022, NewFeel lighting supply has a comprehensive global marketing strategy, with "factory direct sales + product support + solution support + engineering support + lighting" as the core, to implement a full range of one-stop factory design + engineering construction + national service". The brand marketing model. According to the different needs of different customers, provide fast response, high-quality products, comprehensive personalized services, and create high-quality, cost-effective, landing solutions for customers. At the same time, NewFeel's stage lighting equipment products cover TV stations, Theaters, auditoriums, various multi-function halls, cultural gymnasiums, concerts, performance groups, star-rated hotels, high-end clubs, KTV bars, theme parks, cultural tourist attractions, light shows, etc. In the field of on-site applications, the products are sold all over the world and have won the unanimous recognition and trust of domestic and foreign customers.
Over the past fifteen years, NewFeel lighting supply has interpreted its brand beliefs with quality and proved itself with actions! In the future, customers will continue to create better stage lighting products and services, so that customers who have always supported NewFeel will continue to be satisfied and assured.
custom light manufacturing
Guangzhou NewFeel Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating architectural and commercial lighting, film and television lighting, and stage entertainment lighting. Committed to integrating technology research and development, product production, sales, and program design services. company. The stage lighting equipment experienced team of engineers provides various solutions and services, has an independent innovation R&D, production and sales industry chain, and has advanced R&D and production capabilities, including stage lighting equipment product development, design, testing, and has obtained a number of national and international certifications. Strict implementation of ISO9001 quality management The system is standardized, and it has a number of certificates issued by the national CNAS certification laboratory, namely the IEC certificate, CE certificate, UL certificate, and RoSH certificate.
NewFeel stage lighting manufacturer, established in 2008, is a comprehensive lighting enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, engineering design/construction services, products covering stage lights, beam lights, par lights (par lights), moving head lights, Follow spot lights, LED products, stage special effects equipment and other professional stage lighting equipment. Over the years, the company has firmly established itself in the market by virtue of its high-quality brand, quality and integrity in the stage lighting industry. Even under the financial tsunami, it is still in danger and copes with ease.
custom light manufacturing
On the one hand, in the development of NewFeel in recent years, taking advantage of independent research and development, it attaches great importance to the transformation of old products, continues to develop new products with excellent performance and high grade, and continuously improves the technological content of enterprise products.
custom light manufacturing
Brand is the most powerful guarantee for the sustainable development of an enterprise. NewFeel is determined to focus on technological innovation, focus on product quality, improve customer service, enhance brand effect, and seek better development.