News - What does the green laser on the highway do?

News - What does the green laser on the highway do?

by Newfeel Ho on Feb 15, 2023

As long as it is a green laser lights, can it be used as an anti-fatigue on the highway?

Traffic accidents caused by fatigue driving are not uncommon. In response to this situation, the traffic control department has installed anti-fatigue laser lightss on straight expressways to visually stimulate drivers and avoid visual fatigue when driving at night.
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So can the green laser lights be used as an anti-fatigue on the highway?

First of all, we need to correct a cognitive error since childhood:
Green≠Relieve eye fatigue . Many people will feel that green is indeed more comfortable than other colors . It seems that it is not so irritating to the eyes . In fact, green is one of the most common colors in nature and is one of the three primary colors . The wavelength of light is 520– between 570nm.
Green light in the center of the visible spectrum is the most sensitive color frequency range of the human eye . Simply put , it is easy for the human eye to capture green . Color psychology believes that green makes people feel comfortable and calm , so green is more comfortable with peopleMore The most important thing is the psychological factor , so the focus of the anti-fatigue laser lights is not green!
Laser is another major invention of mankind since the 20th century, following atomic energy, computers, and semiconductors. It is called "the fastest knife", "the most accurate ruler", and "the brightest light".
The laser lamp adopts laser diodes imported from Japan, driven by a dedicated constant current and constant voltage power supply, and uses the most advanced optical collimation, optical shaping and optical superimposition technology to control its strobe with high frequency modulation.
The anti-visual fatigue of the anti-fatigue laser lights is actually more dependent on its flickering mode, which stimulates the driver to adjust the visual fatigue caused by the "hypnotic effect" of the long straight road through the constantly changing flickering mode. The first point of the laser " must be able to flash "
The expressways that make drivers prone to visual fatigue are often more than ten kilometers long and straight. If the laser lights is not bright enough, the irradiation distance is short, and the beam of light is easy to scatter, it will be lonely. So far" is obviously not enough, so the laser lights source used as a highway fatigue prevention must be " brighter, farther, and more concentrated"
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We all know that the light energy of a high-brightness laser beam is very strong, similar to the concentrating effect of a convex lens, not to mention shining on the eyes, even lighting a cigarette is no problem. Therefore, on the basis of fixed and firm laser lightss, further safety measures must be taken to ensure foolproof safety!
The anti-fatigue laser lights is installed on the gantry of the expressway and is unattended. If it fails to work in case of failure, is it not a decoration? The time of night is different in four seasons. If the laser lights can be connected to the Internet of Things, remote intelligent control will be the icing on the cake!
NewFeel Technology focuses on the research and development and production of intelligent traffic safety equipment. The gantry laser lights specially designed for preventing fatigue driving on highways has the characteristics of high brightness and long range. The working status of the equipment is monitored and adjusted, and the low-angle automatic power-off measure is safer, which is incomparable to other civilian laser lightss. It has been applied to highways in Luoyang, Qingyuan, Baoji and many other places, and achieved very good results.
laser lights are used in road traffic safety, and can be installed on patrol cars, wreckers, high-speed gantry, etc., to remind drivers to pay attention to safety when driving at night. This laser beam has a long irradiation distance (up to 2 kilometers), the green laser is most effective at night, and the red is often used to deal with accidents; there are two modes: constant light and strobe, which can effectively stimulate the driver's brain and play a role Anti-fatigue effect. Of course, the "anti-fatigue laser lights" is only a "reminder" measure for the application of technology to prevent accidents. To avoid fatigue driving, we must start from ourselves.