What are the functions of the laser lights software?

What are the functions of the laser lights software?

by Newfeel Ho on Mar 03, 2023

1.Quick text editing function

General laser lights software has very outstanding fast text editing functions. This function enables the laser lights software to create static and scrolling text, and the software is equipped with a variety of scrolling text special effect preset templates that can be directly clicked and applied. When using the software, the operator can quickly input the text of any country supported by the computer, and the effect of scrolling text can be previewed when the mouse passes over the effect box.Our laser lights configuration software is very suitable for use.
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2.Create graphics quickly

laser lights software can use points, lines, circles, angles and other elements to create graphic patterns, and the created graphic patterns can be used for projection, and can also be used to make beams of different shapes such as fans, cones, and waves. And you can use laser lights software to add effects and change colors on this basis, save the completed program and drag it to the preview window to one of the program grids.

3.conversion function

The conversion function of the laser lights software allows users to easily and quickly convert pictures in BMP, JPEG, and GIF formats into graphic images that can be used by lasers. Moreover, the conversion process is almost importing and transferring out, and the speed advantage far exceeds that of other similar products. In addition, the laser lights software can also modify and optimize the converted pictures, so that it can meet the needs of users for high-quality pictures to a greater extent.
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Reasons for the popularity of laser lights software

1.Editing interface and playback channel are obvious.
Usually, professional laser lights software has obvious and easy-to-distinguish editing interface and playback channel. Moreover, each channel has a separate interface for control, and there will be no change due to the serial number of the control box. If a certain control box has a power failure or other accidents, the editing interface of the software will not be closed automatically, and the operator only needs to check or replace the faulty control box individually.

2.Easy to install and run smoothly

W laser lights software is very convenient to install, and its popular application effectively solves the problems of difficult installation of traditional stage software and difficulty in finding drivers. If users want to use the software on different computers, they only need to copy the corresponding laser lights software folder. In addition, because professional laser lights software generally has the characteristics of smooth operation, it will not appear to be stuck or run slowly due to memory occupation.
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3.The front and back work are independent of each other

The laser lights software is very intelligent in dealing with the independent issues of the front and back work. It mainly adopts the method of separating the background creation and editing from the front real-time playback function, so as to ensure that any editing, update and creation work of the operator can only be seen in the background. When everything is ready, just click the "Play Now" button, and the laser will automatically output to the foreground, which is conducive to creating a better picture effect.
Next, I will show you how to install FB4 into the Newfeel laser lights. First, you need to unscrew the screws on our chassis, open the cover above, take out the video shield, and take out the FB4 control software, as shown in the figure. There are a total of four signal wires that need to be manually inserted into the FB4 control software. Here, you don’t have to worry about inserting them wrong. The shape of each access port only corresponds to one signal wire. After completion, embed the FB4 control software into the laser lights. , screw on 4 more screws, cover the upper cover, and it's done.
Next, let's test the effect of the control software, turn on the power, set the operating mode of FB4, prepare the computer and network cable, connect the laser lights to the computer with the network cable, install the control software in the computer in advance, and start the program , you can make any laser lights effect you need, I hope this video can help you, there will be more laser lights tutorial videos in the future, please pay attention to Newfeel Laser.