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Where are party laser lights near me?

by Newfeel Ho on May 15, 2022

In addition to professional computer moving headlights and new LED stage lights, stage lighting also has timeless stage laser lights party. Stage laser lights party is a laser product that can automatically print various laser beams, laser patterns, and laser texts with the rhythm of the music. It is commonly used in stages, dance halls, bars, KTV, theaters, TV stations, concerts, and family parties for a new product.
Think about the last home party you attended. What did you notice first? You might be shocked at how different the room looks from your typical space. This transformative effect is due in large part to professional laser stage lighting, and party lasers are always a good choice for a truly memorable and upbeat party. They provide color and effects - sometimes combined with your music - to enhance the entire event from start to finish. Below, find the best party laser lights near me for these purposes and more.

What is professional laser stage lighting?

As the name suggests, laser lights use lasers instead of filaments or light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to illuminate a space. They use less energy and emit less heat than LED lights, which are known for emitting less light and heat than incandescent bulbs. So lasers are great for parties, which can get a little warm when a group of people gets together. They also provide a sharper effect than other types of lighting, so their reflections on walls and ceilings are clearer and more memorable.

The 5 Best laser lights party for Homes and Venues

Whether you're partying under the disco or looking for a laser projector for Christmas or Halloween, you'll find the perfect laser lights party for your needs on this list.

1. F2 Series

party laser lights
The F2-Serie DJ laser light provides entry-level computer controllable laser light show projector solutions.
Newfeel F2-Serie laser lights for home All systems are equipped with fast 20kpps scanners.
F2 laser projector light systems come with stand-alone, sound-to-light, DMX512, and RJ45 interfaces - so they can be used in stand-alone mode as well as within an existing DMX line - and for more professional use they are equipped with an ILDA interface for computer control.
The F2 Series show laser lights are equipped with 638nm red and 445nm blue laser lights and 532/520nm laser sources for full RGB. The idea for KTV private rooms, bars, clubs, Halloween laser lights, and family party lights.
F2 Series Dmx calculator Laser source: high stability, long service life.
Our Newfeel outside party light can perform dynamic 3D beam, and animation performance, suitable for small size indoor laser show.

2. Newfeel F1666

party laser lights
The F1666-Serie animated laser party light provides entry-level show laser light solutions, All systems are equipped with a high-speed 15Kpps scanner.
F1666-Serie light show lasers systems come with stand-alone, sound-to-light, DMX512 so they can be used in stand-alone mode as well as within an existing DMX line which is easy for operating.
Professional Christmas laser lights with a high-speed optical scanner to create animated graphics.
Our F1666 professional Christmas laser lights source: Full pure laser lights, high stability, long service life, small size, portable for installation.
Laser projection lights high-precision lights arrays provide an excellent beam divergence of less than 2 mrad for a low beam diameter.
skylight projector Laser design: There are power protection system devices, dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and a good sealing system.

3. F6022 6 Eye

party laser lights
F6022 6 eyes party laser lights it suitable for regulating mood, Apply to family gatherings to sing several occasions karaoke OK, dance halls, nightclubs, discos, bars, KTV bars, shopping malls, plazas, parks, and other use.
The F6022 disco party light Mini Size, easy to use
Our F6022 projector laser light decoration for party Red & green & blue build the atmosphere stereo.
F6022 Laser strobe light party With a project-light hole, it gives out brilliant colorful light beams
Our laser projection lights With a built-in fan for heat dissipation, with a universal tripod, conveniently placed anywhere, with aluminum alloy housing.
F6022 party light Suitable for family gatherings, Christmas laser lights, holiday projector, party projector, and other places of entertainment.

4. Galaxy Sky

party laser lights
【Star Projector Night Light】Star projector nighttime mild has four types of pure shade mild (red/green/blue/white), can mission 6 types of two-color lights effects, and 21 types of multi-mode mixture effects. Ocean waves and starlight can be projected on the ceiling or wall in my opinion or in combination. No, remember day or night, a famous person projector mild can create a warm, dreamy, and enjoyable ecosystem for you and your family.
【Bluetooth Player and Sound Mode】Acetek galaxy projector mild can be related to the cellular cellphone with the aid of Bluetooth "BTK10" to play your preferred music; the sound mode can make the lights of the superstar projector mild alternate with the rhythm of the music. Placing the superstar projector mild in the bedroom can grant you and your spouse a romantic atmosphere.
【Automatic Timing Function】Star projector nighttime mild has an automated timing function, which can be set to 1H/2H timer or robotically became off after four hours. You can flip it on earlier than you or your baby go to bed. Romantic and dreamy big-name projector and soothing tune can assist you and your household to fall asleep shortly except traumatic about whether or not the night time mild is became off.
【Remote Control Adjustable Night Light】Star projector nighttime mild has a faraway control, which can assist you remotely functioning the brightness of the mild (100%-70%-40%-10%) and the transferring pace of the mild (pause- Slow-medium-fast). You can additionally alter the volume, mild mode, and time off. Star projector mild can create a greater active ecosystem for your party.
【Exquisite Gifts】Star projector nighttime mild can be used as a Thanksgiving gift, Christmas gift, Valentine's Day gift, Children's Day gift, Mother's Day gift, birthday gift, wedding ceremony anniversary present to your household or friends. The superstar projector mild can encourage kids' craving for the universe and the stars, and enhance kids' creativity and imagination.

5. 4in1 with Magic Kaleidoscope Ball

party laser lights
【Super four in 1 DJ Light】This awesome multi-functional four in 1 led disco mild has circled magic kaleidoscope ball effect, purple & inexperienced sample light, led strobe, and UV crimson light. Just with one fixture and can convey your stage or birthday party with magnificent effects.
【Magic Ball + Red Green Pattern】The magic kaleidoscope ball with 15W RGB four in 1 led whilst the crimson inexperienced sample lights are 120mw and 30mw. The ad infinitum rotating kaleidoscope, blended with colorful mild patterns, right away creates an excessive scene atmosphere.
【LED Strobe + UV Purple Effect】The strobe mild is composed of 2pcs*10w led and the pink UV mild is with 4pcs*3w led. The twinkling strobe mild and the exclusive pink outcomes make your disco or birthday party greater sudden fun, specifically appropriate for the Halloween celebration lights.
【Remote + DMX Control】This lighting fixtures fixture operation mode: Auto, DMX512, Sound activated, Master/Slave, and far off control. With the remote, you can freely manipulate the light's results as you want. Also, you can use the dmx manage to experience extra expert effects.
【Stage DJ Lighting】This clever led stage mild can exchange colorings or velocity in accordance with the beat of the music. Easy operation with a couple of modes and a range of colorful lighting fixtures effects. Perfect appropriate for stage or Dj lighting, disco KTV room, club, bar, birthday wedding ceremony party, household gathering, etc.